Clothing and…

I am Hoshifuri Iku~! ♡Good to satisfy chu~! ♡ Welcome to era 1 of the Prism Undertaking!!! Thanks a lot for coming to my stream! It means the galaxies to …

6 thoughts on “【PRISM Collab】Who's the wolf in sheep's clothes?!【PRISM Undertaking】 #LIVEいくぞーん #IKUZONElive

  1. Sorry I missed the live stream, but I just watched the archive. It was fun to watch and listen to you guys having a really good time. I hope you do more collabs together

  2. It's quite wonderful how we can get a stream with the entire agency and keep it all nice and streamlined.

  3. Thanks for the stream! That was such a fun stream and it's great to see all PRISM members finally met with each other!

  4. Thank you for the stream! This was so much fun and everyone was having a great time! Love to see more of this in the future! Otsupuri!

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