Clothing and…

I want I might paint

20 thoughts on “2 minutes straight of individuals portray on their garments for TikTok clout

  1. if you have a paint video that you want in my next paint video compilation send it to me on Instagram my @ is stupjdvlogs

    I made another painting video if you want to go check it out!

    to further clarify!! I made this video back when it was a trend on TikTok to paint clothes, some of the people’s captions said ‘I hope this gets on the foryou page’ which implied that they did it for clout.

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  2. the amount of hate this gets boggles my mind. it’s literally people showcasing their creative talent on their things because they want to, and it’s cool. we’ve become a society where we can’t just let people live and do their own thing

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