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On this video, I check out a #Winnebago Boldt and a Midwest Automotive Designs #classbrv which are each on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Chassis. These RVs had been on the la mesa RV present in Arizona in September of 2020. #vanlife


  1. You're paying for the brands: Winnebago and MB. Winnebago because it's a well-established & known company, and MB because people love saying they drive a MB. Just like any vehicle, the second you drive these off the lot you've lost $25k or more on depreciation. There is a strong market for these Class B's and if I were in the market for one I'd buy pre-owned. In 2-3 years pre-owned lots will be filled with Class B's.


    I have a 2020 Thor Sequence 20L on a Ram Promaster chasis, and has basically the same floorplan and of the same or similar quality and regardless of the lack of Lithium and Mercedes chasis, there is nothing making it worth being nearly double the cost of what I paid just at the discounted show price, let alone nearly triple the price at full retail. I can add FULL Battleborn brand lithium system the does the same for a fraction of the cost, and keep the generator as a backup. Additionally, the Diesel engine isn’t a plus unless you absolutely need to tow an additional 1500 pounds, the 4WD doesn’t do much good if you don’t gain any real ground clearance to truly off-road, the dually rear wheels, add stability yes, but so do $450 in Sumo springs added to any other much cheaper van, and the MPG improvement will NOT ever be earned back in gas savings no matter how much you drive. Even as nice as the the Mercedes safety features are, they are just too overpriced for what they offer. For that $138k of money, it should be a FULL electric coach AND chasis, and if they want $200k it should also be a level 5 autonomous vehicle so I can go have lunch in the back while it drives me to my destination. Get that going and we can talk.

  3. Discount is equal to a 2021 tahoe. Doesn't make sense imo. I would buy the Mercedes for my 5 year old. Think it would work for somebody his size.

  4. I’m sure the Winnebago is fine vehicle but the pricing simply makes no sense. My guess is it’s a marketing ploy to simply show a huge discount. I think the discounted price is more or less what the list price should be and then discount from there.The Midwest automotive Coach looks like a much higher quality vehicle. There are a lot of great choices for that kind of money in all classes of motorhomes.

  5. When something doesn't sell it comes down to either quality or price. My opinion most class B's are way over priced. And I agree….those seat cushions look like an after thought….and like something I could of made 😆. I like the option of the additional toilet in the 4th one, but it looks a bit uncomfortable to sit on 🤣

  6. I have a house I am thinking of selling. I plan to ask just under $2,000,000. But would consider taking $750,000 cash, through next week. Think of it as an end of summer discount!

  7. Not a bad price! Really!! Way overpriced!!! Don't care if it has that star in front grill. Crazy. Maybe, just maybe, 120k. But just too small

  8. With the class b, it is far better to buy a van new and have it outfitted. Save a lot of money and design it yourself. But I still prefer the classic LUXURY MOTOR COACH of the early 2000 era. Great video Andrew!

  9. Totally over priced even at discount price. These look ok but the build quality is very low. They look like they were just thrown together. For that money you can find a better quality as others have stated here in the comments. Thanks for sharing these always good to see other RV’s

  10. I saw ur video on tiffin vs prevost. How would you compare the truck based super c vs prevost. The conventional wisdom is that these truck based rvs have the longevity and resilience of the bus based platforms. What says the Steele man?

  11. Why would anyone pay such an exorbitant price for a little Class B, when you can buy a Winnebago View or a Tiffin Wayfarer for a tad over $100K?

  12. U can polish a piece of s…t. at the end of the day thats what y still have. Wait until it breaks down then try to get repaired. 👎👎

  13. doubtful that it's real carbon fibre, Sometimes they have real carbon fibre steering wheels but usually around the dash it's fake unless you pay the up charge for real carbon fibre,,,,,But it looks OK

  14. Suggested list prices are always ridiculously high. No one pays those prices so why even mention them. The "discounted" price is the regular price and I would make an offer below that. I don't think RV dealers have gone to the one price concept yet, but it's only a matter of time.

  15. I think the 200K for a Winnebago is way overpriced. However, when you go to the big RV dealers it seems like they typically have a high list price and then discount it ⅓ to 40% off as the default price.
    Has anyone got a bigger discount on a Sprinter conversion?
    I sure would like to know what they typically discount the $2M Prevost conversions?

  16. Hell no, and the 2 bunks are not designed for sitting in a comfortable position. Winnebago put a large MSRP to make it look as if you're getting a great deal.

  17. Winibago is selling cheap equipments like rv camping world. But on the other hand there are so many vans being built so there trying to be diy about it. It’s sad to Country Coach left behind but this us how the market is and covad 19, but I would live to have a country coach vehicle.

  18. Andrew I'm going to start looking for a class A Pusher,, end of year, start of next year!!! Thinking about 40' , i see you choose a tiffen!! Can you tell me where i can get the best deal ? I live in S.C. but will travel the get the rite one . Thank you Bruce

  19. I like the idea of all lithium. It's a great vehicle to travel in say from resort to resort. I wouldn't want to stay in the thing overnight more than a few days at a time. Certainly not the vehicle to winter in Florida but to cruise out west for a couple weeks I think for my wife and I, it would be cool. It all depends how you use it.

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