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0:00 – Sensible (However Fashionable) Concepts Males Ought to Put on For Fall.
0:05 – Moccasin fashion boots
1:10 – Suede Boots
1:39 – Suede Jackets
2:00 – Computerized and Photo voltaic watches
2:25 – Neck Gaiter
3:29 – ****
5:05 – Cardigan Sweater
5:30 – Western Model Blazer
6:10 – Corduroy
6:58 – Sweater Vest
7:35 – Sherpa Jacket
8:05 – Flat Cap

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28 thoughts on “9 PRACTICAL Items Of Clothes That 99% Of Guys Don't Personal

  1. Best style channel ever. Period end of discussion.
    Love from India.

    Antonio I really love your work man.
    You cut through bullshit and come to the point.

  2. 2:02 I strongly disagree on the watches here. Those quartz batteries last for years, even 10 years, and let's be frank, almost nobody wears a watch because he needs to tell the time. With all the phones, computers and whatnot the only reason to wear a watch is because it looks nice. And quartz watches look just as nice as the mechanical watches.
    If you want a piece that looks nice, get quartz
    If you want bragging rights with an extremely small minority of connoisseurs, get mechanical… but it's wasted money imo.

  3. You have a great time analyzing or comparing the styles of Ghost from Power and Tommy from Peaky Blinders. Similar characters to ones you've done before like mad men and suits the show, may even bring you more views from their audiences they have a huge following!

  4. Neck gaiters as a mask are said to trap more droplets and carbon dioxide than the average useless mask which inherently is worse for your respiratory health arise from constant bending of the neck to keep it upright as it stretches. Practical for blowback during snow blowing or dust on an ATV but meant for short term use.

  5. I recommend 2 Wind Breakers in your closet hanging. Also, depending on your profession or/and personality, a long Black Drape Coat (Computer Hacker type.)

  6. Great list. I have many of the items, although it was hard to find a Cardigan, Sweater Vest, or Clerk who knew what they are! I ordered the Gaiters, and am happy to see it is the same company that makes the Slick Collar, which I've used since their beginning, I believe. It is worth noting that watch batteries don't last as long as they used to, which I'm told is for warranty reasons because the manufacturers are concerned the batteries may leak.

  7. I've never been much of a hat guy, especially because the silhouette may look good from afar but when I look at myself with one from the front it just looks awkward and I feel my head looks way too big.

    But I really fell for that flatcap with the folding part after one of your earlier hat videos and love them so much that got 3 in different colours and patterns, even chose one to be my at-home hat when it's really cold.

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