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Month one! My first video introducing myself, my no-clothes-for-a-year-challenge & why I’m doing it. Let me know what you assume & subscribe to my journey to …

10 thoughts on “A 12 months With No New Garments – Jan 2017

  1. Great video. Vintage and second hand is always better quality then buying brand new cheaper clothes. But people are so fear driven by what others think of them that they don't think it's cool to buy second hand hence the stigma but it's such a great thing to do. A lot of resources are used up making brand new clothes but there are super cool second hand pieces out there which are unique and give real individuality. I think if we do buy brand new we should buy something of good quality that we'll keep for a long time. But people always want more and more because they just can't be satisfied and nothing is ever good enough. We have to let go of that conditioning if we are going to make a difference. ❤️

  2. I love clothes and i stopped buying new unless is underwear and shoes. I've been buying second hand clothes and have gotten pretty good at finding nice clothes for a few dollars. My question is:
    Do you ever feel guilty about buying second hand (if you ever have) just because you feel like you are getting too many items even if you dont spend that much on them? I am aware that second or vintage is best but i feel the guilt of being so lucky to have all this stuff when others dont.

  3. This is great! I found this video because I just made the decision to not buy clothes for the year 2018 and I wanted to find inspiration.

  4. great idea and great video- i used to have the closet from Clueless with a wall of shoes to go with it, lol. you are such an inspiration! looking forward to all your videos 🙂

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