Clothing and…

Mason will get some new sneakers and clothes for his upcoming in particular person again to high school, we showcase a Sam’s Membership haul, Chrissy and Mason get their hair minimize, …

50 thoughts on “Again to College Garments and Shoe Haul 2020

  1. Funny how you mentioned having to wait to get into a store. Living in a rural area I've never had to wait. The little things we take for granted. However on the plus side you folks have sports in AZ.

  2. I started school tuesday the day after labor day and it was okay I actually switched to online because my parents didn’t want me to get covid. Are you scared for mason?

  3. hey chrissy i know mason likes stance socks,you should check out their website, they have a new subscription box where you get 3 pairs for $20 a month

  4. They shouldn’t say where a tourney or game is before they play in it bc it’s kinda of like a threat bc u never know what a creep with a address to go to can do

  5. if Mason wants to play college sports and he goes to a public high school you should switch to a catholic/private high school for sports! they are better than public schools

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