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38 thoughts on “AMAZON FASHION FINDS! Garments, Bras & Underwear, Jewellery, Activewear | Julia Havens

  1. Ayes Julia, will you do a video of your Workout Routine please? Love love love you & Hunter's videos for so long & we're of the same height coincidentally~ I have been suffering from bulky muscular calves for years despite trying out different workouts, it'd be amazing if you can do one along with any workout advice that I'd like to hear from you~ xoxo <3

  2. Everything’s super cute, except I will never understand wearing merch from a team or band that you’re not a fan of 😅 the hats are cute but I hate the yankees. I’ll take it in LA Dodgers pls 😅😅😂

  3. I have the same bra well similar like it I got it from Walmart and I'm a mom and I can truly say that it's the best bra I've ever tried and it IS like clouds on your boobies

  4. For girls who want an oversized flannel but an XL just won’t cut it, the Kingsize Men’s Double Brushed Flannel on Amazon is 10/10 for comfort and durability. I’ve had some for 6+ years and just ordered another one and it’s still the exact same! They have 1x-5x I think.

  5. I am absolutely obsessed with the 50mm gold hoops and comfort colors tshirts because of your recommendation 🙌🏼 I was searching for so long for good affordable gold hoops and these are perfect. I wear them every day!

  6. Just spent so much money on Prime Day and now my cart is full again after watching this video!! Forgot how much I love comfort colors

  7. my bank account!! hahah love this. would you be able to relink the 55 mm gold hoops? The link didn’t work for me 🙁

  8. Great video, I wanted the chunky earrings but that size was sold out. But I did order the men’s Hanes sweatpants in ash. I love to watch you and hunter, you work great together. I live in northwest Alabama so we get plenty of wear when it comes to fall and winter. 😊💛

  9. Omg all the jewels 😍😍😍 thank you for sharing these omg!!! Also love the undies, bras, flannel… but what I’m most impressed with is the activewear set😍🧡 so beautiful. Love you!!!

  10. I love & appreciate how you always link everything for us🤎🤎 You & Hunter are incredible & my go to for recommendations. Now to do some shopping on amazon🤩👏👏

  11. Can anyone tell me if the same jewelry is in style but in silver? I have cool toned, semi neutral skin so not sure if I should just buy all my stuff in silver or if only gold is in right now?

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