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AD w/ Hey guys, so on this video despatched me some garments for me to attempt, and I made a decision on choosing some stuff that I usually would not put on. If you happen to’re thinking about getting some merchandise, use code SUNNIVA20 for 20% off your buy.

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50 thoughts on “Breaking Out Of My Consolation Zone | MadLady Clothes Haul

  1. i like that pattern of the colorful pants, i dunno what i think about the hoodie and that one piece is definetly underwear so i'm not sure if you would wear it in public that way, but it's hot, so 🙂

  2. I like the black top and hoody the best. High waist pants isn't something I'm personally the biggest fan of, but those suit you very well and make your bottom pop, so actually nice on you. But we both know how big of a fashionita I am…not. 😂😂 Look at me talking fashion xD

  3. I make the rips in my jean jackets myself. Sadly, it is invariably painful. I actually learned you can blow out the arms if you land hard enough.

  4. I'm a woodworker, metalhead, stereotypical macho guy (not rly tho). But for some reason I can just have videos like these in the background while doing other things after work and it just.. sort of… relaxes me 😅

  5. Omg I mean I LOVE the black hoodie, cause it’s so extra, but just seeing it makes myself screaming NO! TOO COLD! 😂

  6. Maybe the clothes were not so good for me, because I'm man… But I like it on you, not only because of the look… I also like the practicality of those clothes… BTW, I'm officially envious of your girlfriend now 😂😂😂 !!!

  7. I have to say, personally, I don't like the cut-out black hoodie that much… but the rest looks really good on you! 🙂
    The necklace I thought was a bit much at first when you showed it, but then when you wore it it atctually does look really dope.

    Hope you enjoy your new items 😉
    And, of course, best of luck for your exam(s) on Friday !! <3

  8. Hi Sunny, I wish you much success for your examn and luck (if even needed) 😉
    The second outfit with the denim jacket would be my fav 👍 You are looking really hot with this 😘

  9. Hm, considering that the majority of your viewers are male, I would like to question the wisdom of MayLady to ask you to promote lady wear…

  10. Tøft gjort å kjøpe klær du vanligvis ikke bruker! Går selv kun med hettegensere og leggings, så bør kanskje utvide mitt eget klesskap snart x

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