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22 thoughts on “Bricklaying, use code CHARLIE for low cost

  1. Loving the videos been doing it 17 years, love using profiles the way forward. Quick question, Those bottom t clamps do you just build over them, then slide them out? I have been using Dutch pin your way looks easier

  2. hey Charlie, could you use a angle post level to set up the profiles …. save you the hassle of using a spirit level, just throwing that one out there mate…

  3. Been laying bricks since I left school and am now just turned 49. Have recently started with the pick and dip and love it. Also just picked up some stuff from B T engineering. Would have more but waiting until they restock. Without watching your videos Charlie would never have tried any of this shit so cheers mate. You are never to old to learn new things and can’t quite understand people that think they know it all. There is always someone bigger better and smarter.Done my fair share of head down arse up on site but came if it during the last recession . Seeing all this makes me want to have a go again. Rather than doing extensions etc. Work smarter not harder people. Cheers Charlie Top man👍🏻

  4. G'day Charlie, greetings from Australia,just recently found you channel. I've 🐝 laying bricks here for forty year and always learning something new. I watched a lot of your vids and got something new from everyone. Great stuff, thanks for sharing mate.

  5. I just bought a belt and hammer holsters for myself, best thing I did,no more walking around to go get my tool! I see the apprentice is following your steps

  6. Charlie out of interest have you used the OX Dori block? I wondered if there was any major difference between the OX and BT Dori block?

  7. Simple yet so effective, wish I knew about this for my shed build.
    If I ever do an extension or another big build definitely going to use some of that BT gear great stuff.
    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the next video 👍👍🍺🍺

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