Clothing and…

26 thoughts on “costume me in your garments. (isak&even)

  1. …and my heart is now broken. forget it! i don’t need one! not when such beautiful, talented people (like you) make such beautiful, touching videos. thank you so much…

  2. I hope that girl was lying when she said that even doesn't love isak. Even and isak make a cute couple and I hate it when isak looks so upset 🙁

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Oh my god???????????
    What the heck is happening!!!!! I was vidding the exact same song with THESE TWO AS WELL!!!!! Whyyyyyyy :'( and yours is SO GOOD that I will have to quit doing mine now. But I was so inspired it's almost finished already! Damn you and our brains connection lol. Ugh, what am I supposed to do now :/

  4. I love this fucking story, I love the chemistry these two actors have on screen. I love how they love each other despite the odds. I just love how they love.

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