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With Blood Cash Crimson Useless On-line Replace we acquired some Bonuses and reductions and they’re nonetheless within the recreation. Nothing new, subsequent Alternative mission …

48 thoughts on “Crimson Useless On-line was ADOPTED? Bonuses and Reductions this week

  1. CORRECTION: GTA Online Big Updates were always on Tuesdays, but there were also RDO weekly updates at the same time until now )
    No hate, jealousy or even criticism in this video, pure sadness.

  2. Someone used the excuse "yeah but gta is older so of course it gets more attention than red dead" What the fuck

    but yeah,kinda easy to spot who is R* favourite child and who is a neglected one

  4. Poor Red Dead Online…i really wish rockstar ever will start caring about RDO like about GTAO. (But please dont add unicorns which will shoot lasers from their a–) RDO Has much unused potential, just non-mission robberies, more roles and ability to start our own ranch… Thats all it needs to become better…

  5. This Tuner update is LEAGUES BETTER THAN THE BLOODMONEY UPDATE. It’s annoying, I don’t care that it makes huge profits or not, don’t fucking come out with Red Dead at all if you don’t believe in it.

  6. The actual rockstar founders have left and rdr2 was a going away gift that meant a lot to them. The parent company is made of megalomaniacs who do not want it to thrive

  7. Sorry but I need to addres that you use "adopted" as a meaning for unloved child which for many cases it is not true. Also might support some adopted peoples self doubt

  8. idk how you spend half a billion dollars on a game just to completely squander the multiplayer when thats the one place you could be making tons of bank off players, actual braindead boomers they have in charge at rockstar lol

  9. Has anyone touched on the fact the 5 star shepeard legendary bounty is impossible to beat? Not even the army of enemy's (who's markers dissappear from the map leaving you to try and find the enemy who's shooting you in the back with arrows IN THE DARKNESS)
    Not even the fact that they changed the boss battle to a mountain where there is NO cover
    Not even the fact that because there's no enemy markers a man with a machete can charge and you and instantly kill you just as your doing well and picking people off
    But the fact that, the shepherd himself, IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DEFEAT.
    So let's say you forget your shotgun on your horse because you were trying to stealth it with a rifle and bow
    Your shotgun that is the only weapon with explosive shells left
    OH BUT WAIT, your bow, your bow has explosive arrows YAYY
    But it doesn't matter. Because
    A. The bows reload speed is awful
    B. The shepeard has probably 7 explosions worth of armour on him

    Hell you can't even melee enemies in during the mission, neither is there any auto-aim leaving you to spam the shoot button only to hit none of your shots when your trying to shoot someone up close

  10. This update is depressing in RDRO.. I returned after months to this… Mediocre content which is simply unplayable because of all the technical and connectivity issues we did not experience before the update. Cannot agree more with how sad this is…. also GTA is now "Because family"… I don't think there's more to be said. Plain sad…

  11. I guess it’s bittersweet for those who play both
    While waiting for the gta update, played rdo , spent maybe an hour grinding capitale and lost 25 capitale coz the game crashed smh, went on a 30m+ spending spree on gta after to vent my frustrations

  12. The real update this week is there are more cheat skript kiddies playing rdro ! I agree with you pvpcat, that rstar doesn't care about us established players, they only want idiot's who play a week and then leave.

  13. I just finished the quick draw club, and now I'm waiting for John's outfit. It bummed me out when I opened the game and still saw the haraway outfit still there and not John's 🙁

  14. "damn you wild west, why didn't you have rockets and flying bikes, that shit makes me DA MONEEEEEEEEHHHH!!!!" – some greedy corporate fucktard at take two

  15. I feel like rockstar kinda abandoned red dead from the start as they saw it wouldnt have lasted as long as a game like gta would because there isn’t really a lot you can do with a horse riding simulator in my opinion they saw it wasn’t worth the development time so they took devs to work on gta 6 instead. Red dead is never gonna make as much money no matter how big they try to make it without ruining it and flooding it with stupid stuff like they have in gta. Just from viewers on twitch alone you can see the interest for red dead is less then a game like fall guys which fell off heavily. I have 1200 hours in red dead reaching level 300 and honestly I didnt even play the game cause I wanted to it felt like a routine (a very sad one) getting hyped for updates like the vegan dlc (naturalist) and blood money which is by far the worst update. After having 5k hours in gta and rdr2 combined gta is way more expandable as they can add anything in the modern world red dead can’t really do that as it would ruin the cowboy outlaw vibe. But yeah that’s why I think red dead just isn’t getting as much attention from rockstar and you can’t really blame them at the end of the day a buisness will always venture towards money.

  16. I know the red dead community is big so we all gotta gather together and try to force rockstar to bring better content for red dead online

  17. My gaming companion started the emerald heist yesterday, got kicked outta game lost the capitale. Ive done it alone but the payment was pretty shitty… 0.24 Gold and 84.21$… I thought they said it's a good opportunity to get money lol

  18. I really enjoy both games. A lot. But I wish rdo got more attention cause I recently got into it and really enjoy it. Gtao is great but I want rdo to get good updates..then people would play it more. It’s just annoying and as much as I want them to pay attention to rdo I know they won’t.

  19. What R* should do is have rdr2 have the big updates in the summer, and have GTA have the big updates in the winter, so that way each game gets a large update once a year, so summer is for rdr2, and winter is for GTA

  20. Rockstar will always prioritize GTA Online over all others, it's too lucrative. How many shark cards do they sell to underage kids swiping their parents' credit card alone?

    I mean, remember the first Red Dead online that came with Red Dead Redemption? Similar situation
    You think Rockstar would learn their lesson from their failure with that Red Dead online… but no, no they did not.

  21. Its official haha, Rockstar does not care. Even leaked their HALLOWEEN pass just so they didn't have to bother in October haha

  22. if they aren't releasing a enhanced version atleast so we can get 60fps on a console thats more than capable of running rdr2 on 60fps then im just uninstalling, been playing other games on my ps5 and everytime i come back to rdr2 my eyes hurt from the terrible refresh rate and 30fps. Been riding this train wreck too long at this point, disgusting company

  23. Hey everyone sorry but I don’t know any other channel or community to talk about bugs other than this one and I got a bit of a problem. If anyone can relate or help that’s be great. I have this bug there my outfits would mix and match. Every time I spawn in the game or fast travel I’ll have my bandana already on and have to take it down. Easy fix but is kinda annoying. Other things even worse like I have the trimmed bandana equipped on my average weather outfit and the patterned bandana on my hot weather outfit. Sometimes when I enter the game i switch to my hot outfit and I’ll have the TRIMMED bandana instead of the patterned one on it. And same with my Cold weather outfit which has the gathered bandana. It’ll switch to another bandana from another outfit when I switch to it and idk why. Another time. I have bandoliers equipped on my outfit for humid weather. All my other outfits DONT have bandoliers. However when I switched from that to my average outfit things seemed fine but then I fast traveled right after and upon spawning I had bandoliers on my average outfit. I need help and was wondering if I was alone in this new bug. This NEVER happened before this 💩 update

  24. You are right. The update even messed up travel from wilderness camp. Another good thing they messed up while giving us garbage.

  25. What actually ruined rdo was the gold currency being added on the first day of rdo
    Who in the right state of their mind would add another currency in a game?

  26. You are a great YouTuber OnlyPVPCat so please consider making content on other games because soon it might not be possible to make content for RDO. It would be a shame to lose a great YouTuber due to a lack of content in the game

  27. I'm so happy my game won't even load – it's a sign from God not to waste any more time on this game.
    What a shame, the base is a masterpiece, but the updates are like botched restorations.

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