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Denims, I like you, however you’re weirding me out 👖 okay, in all honesty, it’s not the denims’ fault: it’s what we do to denims that’s weirding me out

No one buys brand-new smartphones with cracked screens, or shiny new automobiles with flat tires📱 🚘 ❌

So why can we do rip and bleach and fray our denims? 👖

What story are we attempting to inform about ourselves?

23 thoughts on “Denims, I like you, however you’re weirding me out okay, in all honesty, it’s not th

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  2. Being a human from the sixties buying a new stiff pair of Levi’s and wearing them until they literally fell apart was a right of passage. My take is it takes patience to be cool 😎 Also denim is not what it was back then. Plus adding stretch was unheard of. I could add judgments here but I’m attempting to just state an opinion 😂 How’d I do?

  3. It’s a wild story that I’ve been trying to wrap my head around for years. As a person who repairs denim for folks, the lure of this phenomenon has always evaded me.

  4. So true! Not to mention how it’s done : using sanding machines with very little PPE gear. These workers end up with respiratory problems because of the denim dust

  5. Bought my first pair of “straight leg” Levi’s in the town of Arvada Colorado in 1974. I felt like the coolest 13 yr old ever!
    Today’s jeans are fashion, not denim.

  6. I have been wondering this about jean fashion for a long time. 🙃
    That’s an interesting piece!

  7. This piece is incredible and the conversation is timely. I’m grateful to have found the mending mindset thanks to ig menders, I might never have started respecting my clothes more otherwise! We need a consumer mindshift in so many ways…

  8. It makes me sad and a bit cross too – but a pair of well loved worn jeans with years of tears and mends – well that’s just beautiful.

  9. This is fantastic Zak! The spaces! 😍 Agree with you the odd attitude we have with jeans. As a teenager I was desperate for ripped, bleached Levi’s, now I’m all about mending and patching. Is it about buying perceived experience? 🤷‍♂️

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