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As we speak’s video I’m displaying you all my latest fall-themed thrifted/classic clothes that I’ve picked up from Depop~ I obtained plenty of cute little gems they usually …

14 thoughts on “Depop Fall Thrift Haul | Aesthetic, Classic, and SUPER CHEAP Clothes ✨ Strive-On Haul

  1. I'm a fan of the grandpa robe, when I feel a bit ??? about a peice I add a corset type belt and then all of my edgy jewelry and it does the trick

  2. I agree the plaid maxi dress looks much cuter tied in the back! I think it also might look cute tied higher than your natural waist, maybe even an empire waist? Idk though

  3. The dress looks better tied at the back. You could use a different belt or add an elegant turtleneck. It would look super cute with a (brown leather) backpack! 🍁 Love the video and the black skirt looks perfect on you ♥️♥️

  4. How do you find these gorgeous gems! They look so good on you. Btw I love your videos. You give me Twinelle, Alexissunshine83 and Bestdressed vibes. I wonder why you don't have more subscribers. You deserve them!!

  5. I like the dress with the belt in the back but it looks cute either way! But omg I can relate with creating specific scenarios around clothing! 😅 If I can’t imagine the vibe then I’m probably not gonna buy it haha!

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