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42 thoughts on “DISCOUNT JAVELIN MISSILE FROM (Battle Thunder Prime Missile Squirt)

  1. I wish i could have 10% of the fun phly has when playing wt. Constantly dealing with suicide revenge bombers, having no repairs or fpe on tanks, missfire and ghost shells, i just struggle to play. Finally have a good game, racking up a few kills because of good positioning and a minute later im getting divebombed by some sweaty nerd who pissed because i killed him. Really kills the whole mood

  2. Phly, every time you post a video I add an attempt( # 61 ). We need a type 87 video!
    I’ve been at this for months… Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 cent) that would be awesome.

  3. So I got the Jumbo today, and let's just say it's real fun with volumetric shells.
    And the buff they just gave it, so you actually have to hit the ball mount to pen.

  4. …How about the women watching your channel? How many of them are going bald? Please show the analytics from Youtube for that one.

  5. Phly im dissapointed this is the second tine you haven't credited the same song!

    It's "Look Where that Got You" by Mattie Maguire from her 2015 album: "Night Candy".

    Don't forget next time!

  6. the background music sucks. please put something that isn't terrible to everyone's ears. also, you have yet to review many planes, tankdaily.

  7. It's funny that the communists starting getting some seriously overpowered vehicles after Gaijin sold their souls to China.

    Also, 10:04… Arming distance means nothing in War Thunder.

  8. i have a full head of hair, and have never cared weather i had hair or not, so of course i feel extremely insulted by this ad /s

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