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17 thoughts on “Dropshipping 2021: How My Dropshipping Clothes Model Works (By means of Shopify!)

  1. I only put my course on sale a couple of times a year – other than that I don't promote it very often to keep from being too spammy and annoying. It's on sale right now for one week only. If you're interested in accessing my exclusive clothing brand marketing content for 50% off you can learn more about what's inside at All the best – Rob

  2. So basically now you don't have no control over your clothing and don't know what the print looks like. You could of stayed with a pod as it seems your doing the samething and paying about the same price.

  3. To anyone that reads this I highly suggest you hop on this deal! I purchased his marketing course back in June ( I believe it was) and the material is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! Plain and simple Rob knows what he’s talking about, you’re definitely gonna get your moneys worth and then some, and you won’t regret it!

  4. Thanks for all the videos bro, im not sure if you really understand how much you are helping out the little clothing brands out here. You have literally changed my mindset on how to start a clothing brand, how to brand it and how to market it. Bro your dropping so much knowledge, and free knowledge at that! Again, thank you!

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