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The value of electrical automobiles is usually a barrier and criticism to EV possession. So I believed I might try to see what affords are on the market to deliver that worth down!

Audi Etron – 230kW 50 Quattro 71kWh Technik 5dr Auto – £49,900


Renault ZOE 100KW GT Line R135 50kWh – £25,900
(Ask For Will, I stated hello! 🙂 )

MG ZS EV Excite 44.5 kWh – £19,995

44 thoughts on “Electrical Vehicles – Massive Reductions Do Exist!

  1. I've watched your channel with great interest, the information you give I like ,straight no bs. I would love to go full electric but where I live in Derbyshire the public infrastructure is dire two very early chargers in the local clinic and genie I believe it is in the local morrisons. Home charger. I have a typical early 20th century sem,i power supply comes in at the back of the house and the drive is at the front a long way cable wise, throw in ancient fuse board and even with a grant very prohibitive , I've asked……. so I think my next car will have to be some form of hybrid until hopefully the infrastructure improves. Carry on with the good work .

  2. In Romania, EV's get a cumulated gvmt grant of about 10500 euro and you have to keep the car for 1 year. got my e-Golf for 18100 euro with some bits and pieces as options. Quite hapoy with the deal, as a gasoline 1 liter Golf, similar spec, was 16500 euro… 1600 euro gap is nothing, will recover it in 2 years max.

  3. Thanks. Test drove an eCorsa for 24 hours and was about to hand it back when I searched for bargains (as per your excellent advice) and found an ex-demo version at 5K off! Deposit paid, pick it up in a month!! Woohoo!! First EV finally.

  4. The current price difference is solely down to the economies of scale, as more & more electric vehicles are made through greater demand the cost of manufacturing will fall dramatically to at least the current price level of ICE vehicles or possibly even lower due to fewer parts being required to make them. 🚘 ➕ ⚡ = 👍💚

  5. See todays Times, letters to the Editor. Prof. Peter Edwards and Prof Peter Dobson, both of Oxford and Dr GRI Owen of Annwvyn Solutions all make a strong arguments in support of Hydrogen being part of our integrated energy production system. Christopher Rose-Innes Emeritus professor of physics and electrical engineering make the same point I was making. It is not about a one size fits all situations solution. All of these new technologies need to work in harmony.

  6. Try buying an old car (say £300). Keep it off the road for 6 months, then use it in a part exchange scheme. I got £6k. +gov grant… used for MG Excite. Probably the best new car I've ever had… far better than BMW, Mercedes, VW and especially Audi.

  7. My problem with Tesla is most of the utubers have issues that the Germans and Japanese don't. Look at a recent you tuber who the top spec model 3 and had water in the rear tail light and a spoiler which appears about as solidly fixed as Lego. I guess I will buy the new ID 3 when it's available. I don't travel a hell of a lot so something like a first addition or its equivalent will do me. However it's certainly not the people's car in terms of price. You will get bigger discounts on the more expensive electric cars like the Etron as they have bigger profit margins and can discount heavily.

  8. What do people think about the V2G trial with Octopus energy via a leased 40kwh Nissan Leaf in the South East of England? Plug in the vehicle between 1800-0500 on at least 12 occasions per month to get a set £30pm.

  9. I wonder if car dealers in Europe play the same games that American dealers play. They advertise extremely low prices online. But, when you talk to them, you are told, the advertised price is contingent on getting ALL of some specific discounts.

    For example, while looking for my Chevy Bolt, I saw many Bolts advertised for less than $27,000. But no dealer would sell it to me for less than $34,000. And I have a near perfect credit rating. That price is about $3,500 less than MSRP. But nowhere near the internet price.

  10. Thumbs up for including the MG. I picked up an exclusive model 2 weeks ago for 22,500 and also got them to throw in a charging cable , paint protection and floor mats. It's a heck of a lot of car, and there seem to be multiple dealers offering this price atm.

  11. The trouble with the MINI and we have two F56 on the drive currently is the SE may perform as fun as the Cooper S for cheaper but one can do 300 miles on a tank the other 120 miles before needing to charge and find a charge station. For us it’s useless example the other week did 860 miles from Glasgow to Duxford via York and back although away for three days two days involving 400 miles, yes I stopped going up and down in fact visited York air museum for a few hours but no charge point. If the MINI SE could do 300 miles before I find a charge point for 30 mins I’m sold but it’s a generation away from that. I recon if I did the same trip trying to find charge points I’d have to add three hours to an already long day.

  12. There's your new business model, find a deal for prospective punters, charge a finders fee of 50% of discount. Everone's a winner.

  13. So why couldn't you film this in your home studio not quite sure reasoning for back in car. Your studio even has the required bookshelf with your merchandise on display. 🙂

  14. We got quite a lot off the top of the range Mercedes EQC – due in December. The garage gave us a good price, and my wife (she's formidable when she's haggling…) knocked off even more!

  15. The game is right, we are supposed to get the most of them and they are supposed to get the most of us. BUT is it a fair game when THEY have been training for that job, have all the weapons, know the enemy better than you know yourself, have psychology tactics while you are going on the field almost naked? Sure, some can strike a blow here and there but in the end, THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS.
    On the other hand, TESLA is like the supermarket, you go there, pick what you want, that's the price you pay. Bye.

    What would you prefer? Negotiate better prices for every item in your shopping bag or have that price there and that's it?

    The manufacturer is understanding this and all EVs are being sold online for that particular price. No negotiations, but no stress, no waste of time. You pay. They deliver. Bye.

  16. Very interesting article in this weeks Autocar magazine on Hydrogen as a fuel source. Seems there are many points in its favour, so the future looks like EV from wire and EV from hydrogen.

  17. Would you suggest the same sort of haggling on a used Ev? Have looked at lots of EVs to get in the game. But dealers are being a bit tight.

  18. The thing I'm struggling with is that for the price of a zoe I could buy an A class AMG line Mercedes! 2 years ago a battery bought zoe 40kw could be bought for about £17k.

  19. MG have just launched a practical family estate car with a 214 mile wltp range starting at £24.5k, that's the sort of EV that can really bring EVs to all. People may sneer at MG but the reality is they offer competently designed well made cars with a great warranty that offer terrific value for money.

  20. Great video. When clicking on Zoe link it says 27002£ without ccs I think . We got new car with ccs gt line for about 27500 was best deal out there in April

  21. Good points, plenty of dealers also flip cars. Start of the month a Vauxhall dealer in the South-East was selling their ex-demo eCorsa with 3k miles driven for £1000 more than list price!! It's not that unusual for dealers to pocket the grant. Some mug will probably pay that too.

  22. Thanks, yes I always hunt for the best deal.
    The dealerships will hate you for this but print off the best on line deal, take it to your local dealer and say if you can match this I will buy. You cannot lose, if the dealership wants the business they will agree, tell them they can have the servicing and warranty .
    I bought my last car this way, the Dealership said no, so I walked away, said thanks and I will buy on line.Before I got home, my mobile rang and I got my deal. I probably still got ripped off, but only a little.

  23. For sure you should have to own the car for c years/ months if you get a grant to pay for it. I have seen that in many countries

  24. Dealers shouldn’t be allowed to claim the grant so they can sell on. I’d agree with you that to keep the grant you should have to hold the car for 6 months or show good reason for selling.

  25. I'm hoping in a year or two to get a Seat Mii or VW eUp! Really love the smaller lower tech, hoping I can get it around 15k or less by then! Great video!

  26. Yep well said you have to do your homework and as battery technology gets better/cheaper then more affordable EV"s will be available even from Tesla in around 3 years as announced 👍👍

  27. Peugeot e2008 top spec. £40,000 🤣🤣🤣 Was quoted that the other day. All new top spec "cheap" EV's seem to be £40k. A used Ioniq28, which will travel as quickly to the destination can be had for £15-20k. Huge value.

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