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hey guys at this time i am decluttering my garments

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14 thoughts on “enormous clothes & closet declutter // downsizing for a transfer

  1. i'm so sorry this video is 42 mins long i had no choice. anyway maybe u can have playing in the background while u declutter your closet?? 🙂

  2. Here for the decluttering. My fav videos bc they inspire me to get rid of shit and not buy stuff that isn’t my style. If I purchase something I need it to go with at least three things in my closet …

  3. when you have enough time, do you think you can make a video of stores that you don’t buy from anymore because they’re not ethical? i want to buy clothes but i’m too scared to support stores that are unethical

  4. I actually just did this recently and I feel like it uplifted my mood! I’m loving these decluttering videos, they motivate me to clean out all my stuff and it’s been helping my mood a lot 🙂

  5. If you didn’t already get rid of the tommy jeans u can look up a video to add elastic and buttons to the inside of the waist band like the jeans you wore when you were a kid !

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