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This video shares summer season to fall outfit concepts I selected to hire from Nuuly as we transition from the summer season into the autumn climate. Hope you get pleasure from this fall clothes …


  1. Ohhh goshh I thought I loved the Spell and the Gypsy dress the best until I saw the hi-low skirt. That is absolutely adorable and a little bit scandalous!

    Another shocking like of mine are those embroidered jeans. They reminded me of the ones I use to wear when little and I'd get holes in them so my Nana would stick flower patches all over them. Makes me want another pair now!

  2. You got a pair of driftwood jeans! They’re my absolute favorite denim brand. I have …mmm 6 pairs now? I can’t try the Farrah because I’m too short but they look AMAZING on you! I also loved the yellow urban outfitters dress. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 it’s in the 50s outside here. Fall is hereeee

  3. Oh Sarah! I so love the ivory blouse it looks absolutely beautiful on you. Love the black hat along with it.
    Loved the jeans on you Sarah they fit you spot on. I also fell in love with the coat on you too.
    Such a pretty color. Very different and I like different. Well you look beautiful in everything.
    Have A Beautiful Week Sarah. See you on Friday.

  4. You’re got the best taste in fashion! Love the items you got in this! Thanks for sharing I really enjoy your videos, brings such a joy of fashion to my day!

  5. Hint: order driftwood directly from their website over a holiday , they usually have sales. I got mine I think Memorial Day 25% of. Stitch fix also carries driftwood as does Lord and Taylor.

  6. I’m so glad you’re. enjoying Nuuly! You look lovely in everything, especially the dress and white eyelet blouse. I’m also a Driftwood jean fan. FYI, when it comes to Driftwood sizing it depends on the style, for example, the Jackie runs smaller than the Collette. I just wore my Driftwood jeans yesterday…love the embroidery 🌺💐🌹! Thank you for your helpful and well-made video!

  7. Super Video wieder, du siehst wieder wunderschön und süß aus, bist eben eine tolle Frau, wieder sehr schöne Outfits, ich wünsche dir noch einen schönen Tag und weiterhin viel Erfolg und alles was du dir selber wünschts und natürlich viel Gesundheit 👍👌🔥😍💞💖💋💋💋

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