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Be at liberty to make use of code: BRIDDY for 20% off Kitana Prime White (AU 6) – Nothing However A Dream Denim …

39 thoughts on “Fashionable try-on clothes haul with PrincessPolly

  1. Briddy, I'm a huge fan of your videos — I just hope that in the future you, and other YouTubers stop making videos like these. They promote unsustainable consumerism that are not only bad for the environment, but also super impractical for most people's wallets during this pandemic. I totally get that this is sponsored content, and some of it needs to be done, but I hope you can also make videos supporting small businesses and secondhand shopping. There is already so much stuff in this world, I don't think we need to promote buying and creating more unnecessary things. Thank you <3

  2. Love your style super cute 😍 its so BLACKPINK I've been getting lots of inspiration from their style 😍 I love it 🥰

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