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  1. You need to stop saying you’re ugly, disgusting, or all other negative comments you’ve made about yourself . You are beautiful with or without all the makeup & glam. You are bringing into the world a whole little baby girl. I know firsthand that the vomiting & nausea can actually make you feel like you’re dying. I had major nausea/vomiting my entire 1st & 2nd trimester. I lost 25 pounds & looked like a walking zombie. I worked as a nurse & I felt bad for my coworkers as the entire part of my morning shift someone always had to cover me while I was in the bathroom. I suggest trying to enjoy your pregnancy any way you can. It’s the beginning of bonding with the baby & Daniel can bond to by reading books, talking, or singing to the little one. Pregnancy & giving birth is such a beautiful experience for me it was the best thing I could have ever done. ❤️ No greater love!

  2. you are so brave going out and eating i was pregnant with a baby girl and girl i threw up all thru my pregnancy ! hope you start to feel better💜

  3. I was very nauseous with my first baby too, I tried eating crackers and water but would throw it up. I ate Ging Gins they sell them at sprouts or Amazon. Literally a life saver!

  4. Poor you sis I can feel ur pain holding it in and having to breath with ur mouth and eat like that omg like I can imagine how hard it is for u 😢

  5. My goodness girly you are glowing! Very exciting to be on this journey with you, I'm currently pregnant too & due in April 2021💓

  6. I suffer so bad from the congestion too girl 😭😭😭😭 it’s been my whole pregnancy and it’s so horrible

  7. Girl don't even bother buying new born clothes at all , babies grow out of new born size literally a week after. I bought straight 3 months and my son grew out of those hella fast too ! It's better to buy big sizes than smaller ones. ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Baby just take care of u honey that's more important don't worry bout the vlogs this is your first time even if it's not the best just lay low and enjoy being a mom for the first time but don't worry about looking good baby get that baby chunky honey sometimes u just got let things be I know u don't feel pretty but honey u got to just enjoy lay low k 🤫

  9. Girl I didn’t stop throwing up till I gave birth to my baby girl 🤧 I feel u . I literally looked like a walking skeleton with a bump 💀😭 I lost some much weight.

  10. Awww i feel so bad for her ! When I was prego I would throw up everything even water ! I recommend eating fruit so when you throw up it’s not nasty , I was prescribed meds for the nausea and it didn’t help me . I tried everything and nothing help.

  11. So since she got lipo ? Was it lipo ? Or a bbl ? W.e will her tummy go back to normal ? For example when someone gets prego the body takes forever to get back to normal or you just gain even more weight or just a ugly tummy . Does the lipo prevent that ? Or help

  12. Girl I recommend you put her in her room at a young age. It’s way easier than waiting til they’re toddlers to transition them to their rooms. Trust me, they get used to their room.

  13. Don’t feel bad about not dressing up lol. I’m 5 months postpartum and even until this day I have my days where sweats and comfy clothes is wayyyyyyyy better .jajaj.of course each pregnancy is different but when you feel like poop you just need to make sure to rest. I know that’s ALL I did during my pregnancy lol.BLESSINGS!! 🙏❤️❤️
    Ended up getting both the crib and bassinet.

  14. Girrrrrl I am currently 34 weeks 🥺 due Jan 25th. I was so nauseous in the beginning always throwing up, I lost weight. Lemonade would help me!! Anything lemon. Lol but it will go away! I feel like your pregnancy is going so fast 😭💕

  15. On here to let you know that there’s an eclipse happening this week, I believe today but please be sure to wear your safety pins for the safety of your baby ❤️ Maybe it’s just beliefs but I’m big on that. Take care ❤️

  16. Girl I had the same problem of you when I was pregnant with my girl and now thiers lollipops for pregnancy for sickness and nausea and saltine crackera and mint candies I heard.b

  17. i don't miss being pregnant having HG was death. I hope you start to feel better soon. I don't wish that sickness on anyone.

  18. We have a pug he’s still a pup and he had the same ones and he would bite the wood lol 😂 we had to take away

  19. Hope you guys get your own home, an great investment to make and in Arizona the opportunity is better! I have lots of family out there

  20. I hated when I couldn’t eat anything my second pregnancy was horrible for 2 months I was just in bed cradle up into a ball I couldn’t eat anything not ever drink water I lost 80 pounds in less then a month was so bad 😭😭😭 but once I could eat trust me you are going to want to eat everything 😂🙌🏼❤️

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