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41 thoughts on “Finger-licking tasty desserts | Brown Little Desk | take pleasure in with low cost code inside

  1. Hai bro
    Naga noveg pickles sales pandrom 6 types variaty pandrom nega vaikenga tast panea parunga bro
    1.tuna fish
    2.ghee dry fish
    3.ghee fish
    4.nithil dry fish
    Sema tase irkuma
    Vangee try panea parunga bro

  2. Enna sir pandringa today video total waste.
    Oru visuam soilanum na haatha patthi nalla tharinge soilunga. Cheese cake haipade ya erukum. Haathu baked cheese cake ha illa could cheese cake ha soilavaila.
    Apuram haathu cheese cake maariy eruku. cream cake Maari Eruku. Haathu gelatin use panni erukaangala illa agar agar use panni erukaangala nu soilava illa.
    Haathu dount haa haathu oru right shape illa ellam oru maari eruku.
    Brownie texture thariuma unngaluku. This video total 👎👎👎.

  3. Neenga Coimbatore thane? Why you are not frequently cover near Districts? Come with safe and video for variety foods sir.

    After corona Chennai vanga…. Sema foods ellam irrukku!

    All of viewers are kindly intimate our area SPL foods. Then only these foods are spread over entire Tamilnadu. Thanks

  4. Brown Little Table seems to have launched really high quality chocolate items and garlic cheese sticks. Your review said so. The packing was very good and the writing with hand was lending a personal touch to the buyer. I liked your video very much.

  5. Anna idhula irukattum ….we expect indha one or one-and-a-half year la Rishi oda transformation oru video pannunga..pacha kolandha madhiri irundhan ippo bollywood film teenage hero madhiri irukan…..

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