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This video will educate you fold youngsters garments with and with out the FlipFold jr. I additionally present you arrange youngsters garments in drawers with Skubb drawer organizers from Ikea.

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5 thoughts on “Fold and arrange youngsters garments

  1. You don’t need that thing to fold and the clothes end up creased like that when unfolded. I myself love ironing, I even iron people clothes for free

  2. amazing***👍it's just awesome I liked this vedio sooo much it's really good your way is also nice I liked it tooo … subbed !!! I have also gone through your other vedios they were also appreciable I am just waiting for your next vedio to come as I liked your other vedios😊well I have also made a vedio of my art you can just go through it on my channel##😊 subscribe if you like:):):)👍

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