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Hello guys,

On this video I mannequin a few of the garments I had made in Ghana.
Hope you get pleasure from!

28 thoughts on “Ghana garments haul

  1. Thanks for the fashion show;) I realize you made this video years ago but I'm leaving for Ghana next week and wondered if you had a specific tailor you recommend?

  2. I love your haul from Ghana – really lovely! I have a few questions
    About how much did they charge to make the clothes and where did you find the tailors!
    Love you personality – really bubbly and fun!

  3. Hey sistas,I'ma brotha from the states planning to repatriate to Ghana or SA in the next few months. Where is the best place in Ghana to own land to farm and build a home? I want to best soil possible.

  4. I love your outfits and agree with you about the one with the ruffle everything looked amazing on you!! Now I wanna go to Ghana! LOL!

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