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15 thoughts on “Ghanaian girl in US throws husband garments on avenue for not paying lease

  1. Before u bring something up for public to read or watch some of the women re wicked so please check your facts before coming out THANKS

  2. Why didn't she even put the things at the entrance of the house?? She over reacted. That's not good, if it's only two months, then the Lady over reacted, but may be there's a secret in their marriage.

  3. Very soon & it's here no one will marry oooo to stay in the same room is a big problem for many couples. May be it will be good to stay in ur own house. If u have ur work that's all. Why are worrying ourselves all the time to enter into marriage bc.people just criticising us??? Hmmmmmm

  4. Eeeeeeeiiiii just 2 months!! Then some of us have patience paaa oooo hmmmmm. If it was 5 months, then probably, this Lady will chase her husband out with a matchet. Hmmmmm money matters in abroad!!???? It's not easy ooooo Eeeeee marriage!!???

  5. Some men abroad will be leaving with their families and be telling the women they don’t have money to contribute to the household yet u find them funding some other women back home with huge sums of money for them to live comfortable and luxurious lifestyles and they have the temerity to insult women living abroad. Nkwasiabuo no dorso. I can NEVER blame the woman. Should she come out to speak on the real issues going on, we might applaud her for just kicking the guy to the curb and not doing much more harm.

  6. Ghanaian women also respect foreigners more than they do to Ghanaian men. They are very humble when they marry Nigerians especially.

  7. When they sponsor you here, they want to control and make a fool out of you, but they behave as if they have taken you to heaven and they want you to work for them. Is better to leave such a marriage than suffer like this.

  8. Most of the men think they are wise and they send their money to stupid relatives home and expect the woman to suffer and make fool out of them.

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