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49 thoughts on “Girl with Warrants Hides Underneath Garments

  1. I feel bad for the our officers here that wear that EMT type uniform, I wish more departments would allow external carriers

  2. I Swear, after the '…threatened to blow the house up…' comment and cutting to body cam at the house – I was waiting for you to slip in one of those house blowing up graphics, then come back with "sorry guys I couldn't resist, back to the video" would have been EPIC

  3. Bruh I wanna be a cop and drive a truck and live in Texas but I’m gen z my parents are millennials and basically everyone I know would absolutely hate me

  4. This reminds me the time I watched an episode of Cops. The suspect hid under a mattress. Not under the bed. Fucking between the box spring and the mattress.

  5. Becoming a cop ….
    ….will always changed whom you was …as in persona , but …whichever way, man …
    …I like this man, I've been here since the beginning and watching this channel grows is unimaginable because I did subbed back then thinking of
    Helping out build , glad it turned out well …

  6. Hmm. She didn’t get shot. That’s surprising since police AlWaYs ShOoT EveRyoNe TheY cOme iNto ConTact wItH. Comply. Don’t get forced to comply. Easy

  7. Very professional words. Professionally dropped a lot of F-bombs. And a lot of pointing the business end of a pew pew.

  8. I was apart of the explorer program that was run by my local police station, and the Sargent told us a story where they found the suspect inside of a kitchen trash can. They just about missed it, but one of the officers tried to move it out of the way on their way out of the residence and the dude fell out. Some people just have some crazy hiding places. Great video man 👍

  9. We had a kid in our town who was squatting in a condemned condo and when the cops heard where he was, they went there to arrest him for a warrant. He was hiding behind a Scooby Doo shower curtain. The next day the headline in the local newspaper read " Scooby Dooby Too, Where Are You?" lol gotta love small towns.

  10. When he said Columbus i thought he was talking about Ohio then I’m like oh shit it going down near my area the world stupidest game of hide and go seek and I missed because I’m in New York

  11. Hi officer401. I would like to know your view on jails/prisons and from your opinion if they are effective in rehabilitation and punishment. Thanks, great video as always btw

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