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Occasion Week (June third, 2021 – June ninth, 2021) Particular Because of Tez on Twitter for the occasion week particulars! Instagram: …

45 thoughts on “GTA 5 – Occasion Week -TRIPLE MONEY & Reductions (Property & Car)

  1. The warehouse sales are not even worth it nowadays due to the Cayo Perico. You can make more money doing the heist than the time you can even fill the large warehouses.

  2. Umm,I’ve beat a pariah,Itaili RSX,and Itali GTO in the same race with that Subaru…

    ….ok maybe I’m just to G.O.A.T.ed with it lol…


    You can’t do the sell missions alone and deliver all the vehicles in the time it gives you, at most you’ll be able to deliver 2, then you factor in all the Opressor Mk. 2’s and you are screwed no matter the delivery vehicle you’re in

    Best Advice is one Large Warehouse and the Rest as Small Warehouses

  4. Dca is there a social media i can reach you at because i have a picture from in game that might be apart of the new dlc for car culture

  5. Do you have to actually go to a shop and claim the free clothes every week or do they just appear in your wardrobe?

  6. The penthouse apartment is the fastest way to go and spin the lucky wheel over and over. Saves a lot of time compared to constantly driving over.

  7. How do you make your money cuz every video i see your money going up and up like how do you do it

  8. What happens to the cars in the office garages if you switch from property? Do they get transfered with also the upgrades for the property?

  9. The Reaper is a pretty fun whip , nothing special but I really enjoy driving it.
    Also the Osiris is an incredibly fun ride. I'm a Pegassi fan boy

  10. I wanted them to put the Podium car on discount not spinning the wheel when I can't even spin the wheel because of my country. Smt 😡😡😡

  11. They gotta give us the saab 900 turbo 16 s or spg model

    Since it's a unique car and that saab barely makes vehicles

  12. Ever since buying the submarine and doing the perico heist, my life has completely changed. I used to grind for hours for one million, now only 40 minutes

  13. This is my own opinion but for Xbox patched the only way to go on a public lobby by yourself and I didn’t like that but I’ve been doing Cayo and diamond heists and I prefer the heist over the crates

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