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❤️❤️ At this time we’re going via my gymnasium garments drawers. This video is in no way a ‘bragging’ video 🙂 I’m importing this as a result of I acquired requests on how I hold my home/garments so tidy and a few inspiration. Health is my job and I’ve collected all these garments over time. No one must have this many to be match or wholesome! I hope that you simply get some organizational concepts and really feel impressed. a number of love xoxo Mel ❤️❤️

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25 thoughts on “GYM WORK OUT CLOTHES OF A PERSONAL TRAINER | Closet Tour | Melissa Chalmers

  1. I total understand about the crotch sweat because I get it to .so I have to avoid bright workout clothes .Some people just don't understand .

  2. You are an inspiration and make me want to bring out the absolute best in me, thank you for doing that !❤️

    I Loveeee your gym closet and hopefully I’ll be able to have a big selection like yours one day💁🏽‍♀️❤️
    Instagram: @Elenaxanev

  3. I love how organized you have your gym clothes, I don't have too much gym clothes as well, I like to combine different colors but not too crazy colors. Thanks to your account I was able to train at home with exercises that really works! Thanks for the inspiration! IG @bae_bea size S

  4. Finally you back. Gezz that was a long long holiday. Ive missed your workout videos and stories on insta. My insta is yourprivatenightmare and size is medium. I hope to see you more now on insta and here ! As we all missed you x

  5. Hi Mel!
    First of all, come organize my closet & drawers PLEAAAASSE! Yours looks amazing! 😻 I live in Utah, and love all your social media, you’re truly an inspiration! 💗
    I’m a size small in leggings! ✨

  6. Hi Melissa, I'm a huge fan of NB too, so comfy! I always try to keep my closet very simple even tho sometimes I want to buy so much stuff I don't need hahaha
    love your Posts, keep doing it <3

  7. Absolutely love your organisation of your fitness wear! I started my fitness journey in January and my fitness wear is becoming to big (not complaining ) so would absolutely love to win this. My instagram is @kirstyz101 size medium would be great 😊

  8. Wow!..very organised…one of my problem about my drawers on how to organise my leggings and pants….i definitely follow how you organise your gym leggings 🙂..when you will come back again here in türkey🇹🇷?….i like your videos esp. When you are here in türkey…i love those leggings you wore and i'm jealous 😍…i want to have those too …thank you
    Ig: Carolinecengiz

  9. Your organisation is gorgeous! I find having my workout outfit prepared the night before, gets me so motivated to get my butt dressed and down to the gym the next morning. I'm a size 8-10 (medium), IG: sonjabimler

  10. LOVE this, so helpful. I’m back on my fitness journey after a year full of injuries, And I’ll be following some of your workouts as you post again! Can’t wait to see what’s next

  11. I absolutely adore you! I’ve been struggling w weight issues since I was 11 and you’ve inspired me so much! My insta handle is morgan_mcn and xl 🙂 you’re the best!

  12. I dance and I joined the gym to keep my fitness up !! I love doing your workouts and they are so effective to me ! I would love a pair of new tights for my workouts 😍
    size – S , insta : alyssa._.jane

  13. You are so organized babe. Thank you for this video. As for me I have 2 pairs of gym clothes and a paire of Nike shoes for home workout. I have black and gray leggings and green and gray tops. I used to be watching and following your workout videos. So glad you're back after your vacay.

    IG: @roveeii
    Size: XS

  14. I love your videos!! How you organized your gym close 👍 I think I may have to do the same, there so organized into colours types and each drawer has its own purpose!! Great idea!!
    I love when I am away from the gym your content provides such great ideas for how I can still stay in shape!
    IG : joc_by size Large ❤️❤️

  15. Yay! Was excited to see a new video from you posted. Hope your time off has been lovely and relaxing. Im looking forward to seeing new workout videos from you. Thank you for sharing how you organize your workout clothes, so helpful. Your organizing skills are on point! I hope to be this organized one day and think Im going to rearrange how I fold and organize my drawers now. Your way looks super awesome.

    bekahboo Size: M

  16. Omg i love your colorfull gym clothes because i generally prefer darker colorss😬 seni cok seviyorum umarim o guzel tayt bana cikarr kisses from Turkey❤️❤️instagram👉🏼 @hanifecoban my size is M

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