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With fruit and vegetable crops on the road, Liberal MP Julian Leeser says the Coalition has proposed a HECS low cost for Australian college students who work within the recent produce business in a bid to assist struggling farmers.

The agriculture business depends on backpackers who be a part of the fruit-picking workforce at an estimated value of $13 billion.

Mr Leeser stated “150,000 working holidaymakers and international backpackers at first of the 12 months has dropped to roughly 70,000 because of the coronavirus”.

He inspired Aussie college students who have been planning on taking a spot 12 months and touring overseas to search for work in regional Australia saying, “too usually Australians see Berlin earlier than they see Bundaberg”.

“One of many issues that we learn about Australia as a vacation spot for people who find themselves doing working holidaymaker kind work, is that we’re the most well-liked vacation spot in all the OECD.

“I believe that it’s vital that Australians who dwell within the cities have an understanding of what life is like within the nation and have a greater understanding of agriculture,” he stated.

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22 thoughts on “HECS low cost to incentivise fruit choosing as season's crops cling within the steadiness

  1. One farmer said he couldn't find pickers. When people applied for work he said he wanted experience. In other words, they aren't serious.

  2. What backpacker would come to Australia with restrictions in place, it’s no holiday and it’s not a real job, pay minimum Australian award rates on the clock.. good luck with your scab labour because no moron will come here…

  3. 21$ pr hour picking limes with free accom on the atherton tablelands. Shepparton is pretty rough… get paid by the tub, 80 to 100 per day if your moderate speed. And live in expensive hostels.

  4. How much more fucken welfare, Subsidising is welfare it’s taking resources away from certain people to help others this system might in bigger trouble then I thought I hope that is not case because if we have world economic collapse we will be heading to towards a world wide war.
    But this system of endless bail outs has to stop

  5. Next up they are gonna use unemployed people to pick them for free, You know as volunteers as that is a requirement to receive the dole. Once covid19 is dead and gone.

  6. Everyone whinges about the pay being so low for pickers, but no one’s coming out and saying they’re happy to pay double the price for fruit and veggies at the supermarket. Seems pretty hypocritical. If you want a living wage to be paid to pickers, you have to be prepared to pay at least double the price for fruit and veggies.

  7. Seven backbreaking days at $40 per day if you work hard and actually get paid….
    $280 pw………..
    What's wrong with this picture. 🤔

  8. All back pacers should think twice before coming to Victoria! You never know what DA comes out with ,you will be looked ,no job ,no money and no way out !

  9. This is all fine. As long as the issue of exploitation is addressed. Talk is cheap. Agricultural and farming assistance for the serious farmers and growers must come into play look at what happened to the milk industry.

  10. Ive said for donkeys years that we should have a voluntary National Service, that is extended from the defence forces, to include the CFA, SES, RFS, St John's Ambulance, National Parks and a rural assistance program. Give both university and tafe students deductions in there fees for volunteering whilst they study. Add qualification courses to each organisation so that they actually learn something whilst volunteering…. The program will get young adults/kids out of the city, teach them valuable skills, and will benefit the taxpayer (particularly those in rural regions) as government assistance will be getting earned, not just handed out for nothing.

  11. Total Bullshit sent multiple emails to farms and have had no reply because I am not a backpacker and want a viable hourly rate, and believe me I need work.

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