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I instructed you guys within the video of me reacting to the UFC Four Beta, that i’d be making this video and right here it’s. Watch this video to learn how to get UFC Four for a reduced value and likewise tips on how to obtain Bruce Lee As A Pre Order Bonus In UFC 4. Some have in all probability seen this, for individuals who haven’t, right here you go !

Guys We Blew By 3,000 Subscribers ! THANK YOU !!!

UFC Four Reveal Trailer:

UFC Four Particulars:

1st Response To UFC Four Beta (THIS VIDEO IS ALREADY AT 15,000 VIEWS) :

Click on This Playlist For Extra UFC Four Beta Gameplay:

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Street To The G.O.A.T. (Matt Merced’s UFC Three Profession) (Accomplished) :

Bear Knuckles UFC Three Profession:

UFC Three Final Staff:

UFC Three Legendary Fights:

Bruce Lee (Bantamweight) UFC Three Profession Mode (Full):

Bruce Lee (Light-weight) UFC Three Profession Mode:

Isaac Frost UFC Three Profession Mode (Accomplished):

Andre Bishop UFC Three Profession Mode:

Kimbo Slice UFC Three Profession Mode (Full):

Joe Rogan UFC Three Profession Mode (Accomplished):

Conor McGregor UFC Three Profession Mode (Accomplished):

Ronda Rousey UFC Three Profession Mode (Accomplished) :

Rampage Jackson UFC Three Profession Mode (Accomplished):

Nate Diaz UFC Three Profession Mode (Accomplished):

Nick Diaz UFC Three Profession Mode:

Anderson Silva UFC Three Profession Mode (Accomplished):

Georges St-Pierre UFC Three Profession Mode (Accomplished):

Floyd Mayweather UFC Three Profession Mode (Accomplished):

Royce Gracie UFC Three Profession Mode:

Jorge Masvidal UFC Three Profession Mode:

Sonya Blade UFC Three Profession Mode:

Welcome To Ea Sports activities UFC 3 :

UFC Three Knockouts Montages:


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23 thoughts on “How To Get UFC Four For A Discounted Value and How To Get Bruce Lee As A Pre Order Bonus (PS4/Xbox One)

  1. pin this bro, if you guys wanna further the discount all you have to do is make a cash app acct and apply the 10% Xbox boost if you get it, with ea access I could get the game for 43 bucks with the added cash app discount

  2. EA access is actually worth it IMO, $2.75+/- a month n it has Maddens and other UFCs and I'm gonna play that Mass Effect Andromeda probably next…(?) I dunno lol.
    Oh: set it to Legacy under settings/gameplay and it's more like ufc 3, it made it really easy to find moves etc.
    The clinch is the only part I had any trouble with, at first takedowns were weird too, yeah, it's the square button and R2(?) i was messing up throwing a left hook haha.
    When it's $15 bucks and I'm not working full time I'll probably get it.. that's what happened with UFC 3 for me, I'm just saying you can level up WAAYYY faster than the UFC 3 Ultimate Team, that doesn't exist. If a career is beatable in under 10 hours… no rush. No Ultimate Team, I liked Ultimate Team… the goal of aiming for all Master moves or Elite even, of course. I liked that more than logging in and just grabbing a fighter in UFC 3. That's me anyways do you cheers! Level up faster by doing those 50 live streams and not completely KOing opponent no joke I exploited that HARD. That and 'inviting fighters' to learn a move, finish learning the move after using moves you wanna level up. You'll see…. change my mind? 🤳🤔🤝 I work too much n have priorities atm.

  3. When I go to the UFC 4 page in the PlayStation store it doesn’t tell me to buy it anywhere… I hope it will let me within 6 hours before the game comes out and I can’t have the pre order bonus…

  4. Ay I preordered it yesterday but I noticed today when it was installing the pre order incentive pack isnt there. So do I get the pack when the game comes out orr?

  5. dude im fkking late to your video cuz i was on vacation thx 4 days out and i got this on discount love to you brother your a legend

  6. Just do this. Wait like 1 month after the game releases and buy it.
    UFC 3 used to be $49.99 when it came out and in about 1 month it was $19.99 because of discounted stuff. Same as every other game!

  7. Just wanted mention that you can get a month off EA access and then download ufc 3 with that and get the deal.

    (double) Discounted UFC 4 plus 1 month of EA Access is still a few bucks cheaper than UFC 4. And you can play about a week early.

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