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The way to low cost and set off gross sales. The way to reply when a shopper asks you to low cost. What must you say once you’re requested to low cost your companies?

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  1. Question:

    Is there ever a right time to charge higher?

    £100k is a crazy number, but you're an agency so it makes sense. You can't charge that as a sole designer, right?

  2. I figured this out recently I have always had a link in my invoices that says "think I did a good job, click here to give me a tip" and I have several clients who often tip. And I have always given a discount to various people for various reasons "friends and family" or "over 40 hours of work" (I don't tell them how many hours usually, it's just something I track). But I never put those discounts in the invoice. I just vaguely told them they were getting a discount. Last year I figured out the percentages of my discounts and started giving subtotal before discount, whatever their discount is and their after discount total due. As soon as I started doing this, almost every client started hitting the tip link. I did some rough math recently and figure out that since I started showing them their discount on their invoice, over 10% of my income has been tips. I even got a tip from a client who I always thought was a bit of a penny pincher, and never imagined that they would voluntarily give me more than the invoice. It's probably the single best thing I have ever done for my business that required almost no effort.

  3. I use another method that you did not mention. When they want to save money and have a discount, I send them another proposal which requires the payment up-front. All of it. When a project price is at 10k, I get down to 9k if they pay me upfront. And I need to tell you that whoever agrees, he's a serious man and the cooperation is smooth. All goes well. You should try this too Chris.

  4. WOW!

    A superb example of an ad. You bring information, you give your audience value. And it is value in what they care, not in whatever you might fancy at a certain moment. Than you bring as a showcase the product you want to promote and do, step by step, what you have explained: anchor, scarcity. Simply beautifully executed.

  5. unfortunately I never got that email about a price increase and only found out about it like 2 days before I was actually going to buy the course. I never did buy the course at the higher amount.

  6. Great video Chris! Very helpful. (wondering though… why is it changing from color to black and white and back?)

  7. The price you charge reflects the value of your brand, I guess its about percieved value, discounting is about meeting short term sales goals , and it says to loyal customers that the brand is usually priced to high, that attracts price sensitive customers, and you fail to appreciate the value the brand represents to its loyal customer base. I think price represents more than just money from a sale, it represents the core value of your brand and its promise. Expanding the appeal of the brand will also reduce the price of the brand which directly impacts the Brand's value and that has long term consequences, as the price erodes so does the brand, Superdry is a good example of this, they never had sales as they never wanted to bring the brand's value into question, and then they did it, whether to gain market share, increase sales volume, whatever the pressure was, it diminshed the brand in my opinion and confirmed to me that the brand is not worth much anyway. I used to wear Superdry clothing, but I realised the quality was awful and they dont care about that, but you pay a premium for price it. That's lying to customers and you can never regain their trust once you lose it, maybe with a good story.

  8. You should upload the audio podcast to YouTube. You’d be surprised on how many people listen to YouTube audio instead of going to another app. Not that you should do one or the other but your YouTube fans would appreciate it.

  9. Don't want to be a downer, but this channel has really transitioned from an educative perspective to "more money more money". Maybe it's because I've lost my interest in capital, but it feels so shallow. You were all about passion and authenticity, where did it go?

  10. Every rule is made to be broken. What a deep dive and super useful advices. Thanks for the knowledge. 😉

  11. I believe this concept to work in many aspects of a persons life.🚀. Thank you to Chris and the team🙏🏽

  12. Got excited then realized i already watched. Still great content on how to discount the right way for those who haven't seen!

  13. this video is awesome! Please make a video on coordinating a merch drop or product drop. cant find much on this subject. you made a vid on this topic a few years ago but it was focused on a class or service instead of merchandise/ product. thanks guys. keep killing it!!!

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