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There may be at present an enormous sale for nearly all skins and heroes in Cell Legends.
If you’re planning to purchase a pores and skin or hero utilizing diamonds, now could be your probability.
As you’ll be able to see virtually all heroes have a 30% low cost aside from these seven.
Atlas, Popol and Kupa, Carmilla, Hilda, Minotaur, Clint and Gord haven’t any low cost.

If we check out the pores and skin, virtually all of the skins are on sale aside from the brand new ones.
Regular skins have 40% low cost,
elite has 30%,
and particular and epic have 20% low cost.

Even the VENOM and Lightborn skins are on sale with 20% low cost.

When you’ve been planning to purchase certainly one of these skins, now is an effective day.

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  1. boss elgin juring the skin sale will all skins specially limoted edition skin be available like zhask boneflamen and selena virus skin cause thats just im earning my mony for im waiting wor a resale of those two skins

  2. Mom said don't you there buy a hero!!! buy a epic skin
    Mom:here's โ‚ฌ500

  3. Elgin : remember,the sale will only last for 3 days.Which mean you only have 72 hours to ask your mom for some ML allowance

    me : laugh die ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Elgin:you can ask your mom for
    some allowance

    Mom with belt in hand: yes what you want bitch๐Ÿค—


  5. Ign-๐Ÿ’“Nishant๐Ÿ’“
    Skin-plz gift me venom grock u can send gifts at discounted price and my mom didn't allow even i made her happy on mothers day

  6. It will be better if they also have SALE for LIMITED EVENT heroes skin so that we have chance especially new players to avail the previous skin design. Unfortunately MOONTON is not wise enough to do that. What a pity!

  7. Me want to buy a skin but only have 2 dollars normal skin discount 40% off then i use a 100 diamond off card the slin was only 50 diamonds yass

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