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Welcome to a different episode of Scrap Mechanic Survival Mode! At the moment we’re going again into the warehouses to attempt to discover some extra epic clothes! One factor i spotted lately is that I’m nonetheless lacking some clothes objects from the sport, so why not attempt to get extra! Let’s have a look at if I can full an epic set of clothes to go together with my backpack!

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What’s Scrap Mechanic?

Scrap Mechanic is a multiplayer sandbox recreation with creativeness and ingenuity at its core. Create unbelievable machines, remodeling autos or sneaky traps. The probabilities are countless with Scrap Mechanics highly effective instruments.

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41 thoughts on “I Died Too Many Occasions For This Epic Clothes… – Scrap Mechanic Survival Mode [SMS 72]

  1. The big warehouses reset if you dont come near them for several ingame days 🙂 you can tell its reset when it requires a new key to enter. (rumors vary from 10 to 30(!!!) ingame days) i've tried to find the actual number of days in the code but no success, that said im literally a million procent sure that they DO respawn after a while of not coming near them, i have a world on wich there's warehouses i've looted 4-5 times each.

  2. Just curious
    what if he used dev commands with others and stripped down the entire interior of the warehouse with explosives ?🤔

  3. Scrap man: going to warehouses for clothing

    Me: who has stayed up day and night going through warehouses getting all the clothing.

    Yeah I got them ALL

  4. Scrap Man please do this: if there is a concrete wall right? And in the future you are supposed to destroy them, please bring a Red guy to one and try to make him explode it

  5. hi scrap man i love your videos andI love your castel pls do a video where you have multiplayer video with your friends and fans

  6. Just imagine the game playing random tapebot-running sounds when you are in a warehouse… That would make them like 10 times scarier…

  7. Tip: try deflecting the table back at bots when they await you at doors. It won't damage them, but it will give you some time.

  8. 26:22 Tip: ALWAYS remove ur lift if u place it in the warehouse anywhere until they fixed the bug that u fall thru the ground if u use the elevator and ur lift is still somewhere in there. And u don't pop back up and then u will not get ur loot back.

    33:07 i don't think there is a hat. i have all the clothing items but i'm not in the test version with the names so i can't check.

  9. Watched 5mins so far and two ideas for the future 😋: close the damn door before leaving, I'm very worried for what will happen at the end of the vidéo, also, you may need to attach Hank's pool other than by the small stairs: after Hank cut through it, the pool was only attached by one block left it seems. Now watching the rest of the video, wanna see what's comming!

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