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My Instagram is @rosiehenshawhome hiya welcome again to my YouTube channel as we speak I’m deliver you a Joanne attempt on haul so seize a cuppa and hopefully you’ll take pleasure in x hyperlinks for gadgets as follows. Rocket gown. Daisy wrap gown. Rainbow polkas gown. Rainbow jumper. Daisy loves me T-shirt. Additionally to verify the T-shirt us 100% natural cotton. Gadgets on this video have been gifted x

32 thoughts on “Joanie clothes plus dimension attempt on haul

  1. Never heard of this brand but their clothes do seem to cut and proportioned very well. Everything looks fabulous and you suit it all. Nice haul!

  2. I had never heard of this clothing brand until just now and have followed your link to the site. Looks like a really interesting and quirky brand and glad I now know about it. I think Joanie clothing should get you to model for them – the items you've shown here look better on you than on the models on the website 😁👍

  3. Totally loved everything on you Rosie…and I must say you are an awesome inspiration and perfect model for these clothes…❤️

  4. These dresses are perfect for you size is perfect for you you look great in everything that you put on , and your just perfect either the nicest personality

  5. Hi lovely your so adorable you put everything into your videos and because you don’t edit them you get everything as in when you first start your makeup is done your not burning up and as the video goes on your getting hotter and hotter and to top it off you have a great personality and your funny to go with it I just love watching you. I’ve been making some of your pumpkins out of knitted jumpers I’ve also been making big pom-poms to make a pom-pom garlands and wreath in red gold and green not sure what I’m gonna do with them yet but I’ll think of somewhere to put them in just in middle of making giant and I mean huge white pom-poms with silver thread running through it to make a big snow ⛄️ with them and I’ve just got a load of pegs to make some nutcracker dolly pegs for Christmas as well lol so yeah I’m busy but I love this time of year and it you that inspired me to start doing bits again so Thank you for that. Anyway have a great blessed week and keep smiling lovely xxxx

  6. Ahhh you're such a lovely, happy lass! After a really rubbish day you've completely cheered me up. The takeaway pizza I ate while watching may have helped too 🤔😂. You really are a breath of fresh air. Keep doing what you're doing and I'll be tuning in for your ray of sunshine 🌈🌞☕

  7. You are so fab, love you are gorgeous both inside and out! Was laughing so much when you said you turn into Sandy from Grease in black jeans and t shirt 😂😂

  8. Rosie there's dressers are beautiful and I love them, I love the tee dresses i love the 40s and 50s area, please more like this.
    I do love your videos, can't wait for your next, stay safe xxx

  9. I am just at the beginning of the video (where you have been asked where you buy the shapewear you use) and I just want to say that I thank you, wholeheartedly, for your realness. I think that is one of the main reasons I watch – and keep coming back. You are to be admired for your honest presentation of a real woman. Thank you!

  10. Once again Rosie you had me laughing. The clothes are nice just love the wrap daisy dress think I may be getting it. Nice to see you looking better 😊 xx🌹💕

  11. LOVE the first dress and the second dress is lovely on you but i am not personally into the print for me but i still really like it ,the wrap dress is also lovely xxx

  12. I feel the same as you about tee shirts Rosie. I cut mine now like you showed us. It does have to be said that the daisy one does not make you look over busty. x

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