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Hey everybody! That is ETCHING’s LIFE. We’re the CADE FAMILY. We’re a FAMILY VLOG CHANNEL sharing Filipino American household tradition and displaying …


  1. Bait mo Etching dmo makalimutan magshare blessings sa pamilya mo sa Pilipinas. Nice haircut for the boys just in time for summer. Sana paiksihan mo pa gupit hair ni Whesley sa top gaya ni William so nice.

  2. Nice, I love shopping in Ross and it’s always better to go in the morning around 11 am to get all the goodies. Great video sis and God bless you all.

  3. You are truly a caring daughter and sister to your family Etching. Keep it up. Stay safe stay loving stay humble and stay healthy. God bless you and your family. 🥰❤

  4. God bless you and your family always nd keep safe always mom etching nd k gwapo mn s ilahang 3 n kuya william nd whesley nd also ilove ur video channel guys 💖💖💖 watching from pasig manila Philippines

  5. Hi Etching, agree maganda sa Ross. Etching padala ka rin ng mga sabon, toothpaste, lotion at siyempre chocolates at de lata yan ang mga gosto ng mga Family natin sa Pinas. Love your Beautiful Family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. same ta sis ross at punta din ako sa bealls outlet burlington para sa balikbayan boxes at sa mall yung charlotte send ko sa lbc sa family ko sa cebu….amping mo tanan diha sis sana mamet ko din kayu in person kaso medyo malayu kayu dito sa lugar na tinirhan ko

  7. For sure that that your loved ones in the Philippines will be happy to receive those balikbayan boxes not only bcoz of material things but by ur love, generosity, & kindness …etching, you will never be wronged in doing it. Give more & you will receive more. God Bless Cade & Sarenas Family.

  8. That’s where I go to ..Ross…when it’s time for me to send boxes and for groceries like can goods,….Sams Club. Take care always Cade Family

  9. Sam seems like a very nice role model for William. So kind. William would be very good at judo or karate. He is very advanced in his coordination. Going to be a very good athlete.

  10. Real ball of basketball must not be played by William at the sala for there is TV and this might be damaged and broken.

  11. Glad that you were able to send stuffs to your whole family❤️ God bless your beautiful heart & regards to your 3 kids❤️

  12. Maayo Day Ching kay imo ginapaapil ug ginaencourage si William into sports…❤dakong tabang na sa personality development sa bata…👍👍👍

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