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You’ll not imagine this… I am sharing my means of making use of the KonMari Methodology, from the guide “The Life Altering Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo.

50 thoughts on “KonMari Methodology (Garments): The Life Altering Magic of Tidying Up

  1. I have a ton of clothes. And I take really good care of them so they last forever. But now I've accumulated quite a lot. You are the first video I've seen where someone actually had that much to go through. So thank you because now I don't feel quite as bad. I did a complete Kon Mari on my entire house over the past three years and my drawers are still perfectly folded and arranged. It's a Wonderful tool and easy to follow. Congrats on getting it done.

  2. You will never live long enough to wear all those clothes. There is only 7 days in a week keep 7 day time outfits 7 going outfits . If you go back in a month and go through the clothes you will get rid of more stuff. One tip is each time you buy something new you need to get rid of 2 items . Before you buy anything for yourself or the home ask yourself do I need it or do I want it you will find yourself putting the item back .

  3. My god!!!! How much clothes can one person possibly wear!!! I’m betting a lot of clothes haven’t ever been worn once…

  4. Wow you're doing yeoman's work here. I'm not about to comment about the amount of things you own I cleaned out a 12 by 20 foot storage unit with all the stuff I was saving for 30 years because I might need it or it might come in handy. All I have to say is the lady who wrote that book is just a blessing.

  5. I think you did a great job getting rid of the mountain of clothes you had. I saw you had many flat, velcro hangers available. I think if you would have used only those and not random hangers they would fit and look more organized in the closet.

  6. You have inspired me to start my clothes, it seems manageable after seeing how much you tackled in one go. You have a lovely gentle speaking voice, a lot of these type of videos can be a bit shouty.

  7. Awesome video but you don't need to replace anything you have beautiful clothes. I'm working on a 32 item capsule wardrobe that includes clothes, shoes and accessories.

  8. I have so much clothes and other things I'm living with my mom right now untill I get my own place I have 2 huge storage units full of my whole life my mom was a Horder but I'm looking through things while I'm living with her and it's a job I've decluttered before I had enough stuff for 2 houses or more. My mom gave me everything she stored for me now it's my job to go through it.

  9. I think once you have time to reorder your closet it will also help…slowly changing out your hangers might also help you gain space

  10. I appreciate your candor. The honesty with which you shared your struggles to organize your clothes and find space for everything, etc. is really refreshing. Thank you for making this video!

  11. Yes – that was an ENORMOUS purge! GREAT JOB! But please… in the name of all that stuff… don't think about "space to grow"!!! After this tremendous amount of work (physical and psychic) that you did SO WELL (you really absorbed Marie Kondo's ideas beautifully – enter the state of "one in/one out" mind. When you shop, REALLY THINK HARD about what you do purchase – make sure that every new thing coming in results in one old thing going out…

  12. You did an amazing job! You did have a lot of clothes on the bed, but you really got through it all! 🙂 Great inspiration!

  13. Don't feel bad pile was bigger..mine was RIDICULOUS. I had 3 floors worth of clothes I had to gather and put in a pile. I was appalled and overwhelmed. But I pushed all that aside and tackled the mountain, It took 5 hours!!!!! Now that its done, I don't even feel like shopping for clothes lol..I don't want to mess up my ORGANIZED minimal closet. Thanks for this video. Because those of us who have a mountain of clothes (and aren't HORDERS, just FASHIONISTA'S) can still look fabulous with a minimal amount. I've learned how to pair different things with other things and still look great. Thanks again.

  14. The video just started and I am excited to see your work. I heard the Konmari audio book. I started my work and I'm feeling great. I still have a lot of things t work on but I'm encouraged.

  15. really great reason for filming and uploading . This process is so hard for so many ppl and I think I will do the same for the ppl in my life … it's inspiring for others cuz if I can do it they can to.

  16. I have like 7 pairs of underwear, 6 bras, 3 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, 10 t-shirts, and maybe like 8 nicer blouses. I don't wear them often, which is why I have more t-shirts than blouses. But I DO hoard camis and tank tops. -__- I live in FL, so can ya blame me? lol

  17. I'll add that I'm seeing a few judgey comments about the amount of clothes you have. I always wonder when people have that slightly condescending tone, what they might have tucked away. Maybe not clothes, but whatever they can't get rid of – old projects they intend to finish one day, photo envelopes straight from the developers they intend to put into albums that haven't been looked at for over a decade for more – books spilling out onto the floor and under the bed – etc… It's not that you have it, it's that you're learning how to look at your life and surround yourself with things that make you smile and happy and joyful. Really, that's what you're showing us, and I appreciate that, because I'm on my journey of finding what gives me joy and letting the rest go, so while I'm doing that I'm ferreting about in YouTube looking for motivation and your adventure certainly gave me a lift, so thank you.

  18. My pile looks like this. I have just finish reading the book can't wait to get started. Your video inspires me to get rid of much more now. Thanks for sharing.

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