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On this video I wake you guys via the superior expertise I had working with Low cost Tire. They sadly broken all 4 of my wheels on my 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Version… they owned it and took nice care of me. Tremendous impressed with them. Buyer for all times. You guys ever have one thing related occur to you?

46 thoughts on “Low cost Tire DAMAGED all four of my wheels… 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Version!

  1. Doesn't matter what people say. If they damage it they should replace it. That's an 80k dollar vehicle man. Also thats why i do buy from big stores as well. So tell us…. do you get to keep the old wheels lol

  2. Ha! They did the same thing to my 20” BMW wheels. I specifically asked them before they did the job if they could do the tire swap without damaging my rims….they replied “YES”. Well, they messed them up. I called corporate,,,made a claim, signed some paperwork from their lawyers, and received a check for 1,600.00 bucks. Will never deal with them again.

  3. That was the bolt on the duckhead on our changer. We're supposed to push it back for easily damaged wheels. Someone was probably just in a hurry and forgot to push it back.

  4. Discount tire ruined 4 of my wheels. They looked at them and said “that was already there.” Hard for me to disprove, but I hand wash regularly and know all new blemishes. Glad they handled it a little better. What are you doing with your takeoffs?

  5. This looks like a CNN ad. Not super professional IMO. I 100% agree that Discount damaged your wheels and I would be the first one asking them to take care of this claim. I also think this is an honest mistake on their part , probably due to a worn out plastic protector on the machine or the tech didn't set the distance correctly. In the end they not only handled it correctly but bought you a new set of really expensive BBS special edition wheels. These things happen and you seem like a good guy! I do also like your collection of Toyota's….I am just saying you seem to have a decent following and If I didn't watch this video I would have seen this thumbnail throwing Discount under the bus. If you think you would have had better service at the dealer, not always the case.

  6. When I used to work for discount tires or Sears my biggest fear was always wheels with raised spokes. I hate the artist or engineers who design raise spokes on wheels typically found on Nissan's. Next time you go in request for a new duck head for your wheels. You're probably not going to keep them that long you're just going to get some rays engineering and be done.

  7. They did he same to all four of mine and they wanted to have them repaired…I made them replace all four wheels and they did without issue.

  8. I'd be more pissed about the age of the tyres. BFG are a really high volume selling tyre and those tyres are already 9 months old. Probably why they are Discount Tyres

  9. perfect reason to buy you some new rims. Those bronze rims do not go well with the color of that vehicle. You should get some black Fuel rims or something.

  10. Wtf only a female would notice something like that . I wonder how this guy is going to act when he finally really takes his rig off road ? He’s probably going to react like this with a high pitch voice . Ahhhhhhhhh omg omg omg .

  11. Bro i see your using BFGKO2. How is the performance of it? Im planning to buy KO2 soon. Is it quite on the road? Which place are you in? Nice place.

  12. I had worst damage from off camber trails the first time I took my brand new truck offroad. It's part of having an off road vehicle. Unless you plan on not taking it offroad why fret?

  13. Honestly if you do intend to take the vehicle off-roading/overlanding then you are going to do a lot more damage than that.
    Yes it still sucks, but unless you intend to keep it as a grocery getter then I would imagine that the replacement rims would eventually get scuffed up as well. 🤷‍♂️

    I would have negotiated a few free future tire replacement/mount/balance options that equalled the same dollar amount of replacing all the rims.

    But KUDOS to them for stepping up. I commend them for that.

  14. I guarantee those little knicks came from them not taking their time doing the job. If you rush a job like that, hell yeah you're going to scratch some wheels. It's inevitable. Hopefully the manager gave the employees a good talking to.

  15. They damaged my BBS rims on my 2014 X5, but they had them fixed for me. Some Discount tire centers have an fancy touchless machine they use for expensive rims. You have to ask for for it. I have since found another Discount tire with such a machine and use that shop exclusively now. There is no extra charge to have the touchless machine used on your rims.

  16. God they took care of you. Some places would have told you, that you did it. Makes it easy to come back as a customer. Those are great rims.

  17. Whent to goodyear to have my 4runner aligned after the lift.
    During the process of them doing that they chipped my trd pro rims in a few places.
    Luckily it was only 1 run and I just touch up painted them over.
    Similar situation, as I found it a week later during a hand wash.

  18. How was it the tires fault though? I'm confused. but good one them for taking care of you. Not sure why this video has so much dislikes.

  19. Yeah, I'd lose my shit if that happened. You're a better man than me. Good on them for bucking up. Now you can sell those damaged rims for a great price. Those tires will end up being free for you. Ironically, a happy mistake.

  20. Dang, that is unfortunate! Glad to hear discount tire stepped up. If you don't want the wheels, I am sure they would look great on my Land Cruiser! I would make the drive from Idaho! LOL

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