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40 thoughts on “Making an attempt on "One Dimension Suits All" Clothes (measurement 6 vs measurement 12) | Brandy Melville Attempt on Haul

  1. yoo im just noticing that even tho kal is smaller than trish, trisha's waist is actually a few inches less than hers!!! she has such an hour glass figure from da lipo its insane

  2. Brandy Melville is also racist like every brandy Melville I’ve looked into never has a minority working there. When both my sisters applied they only got back to my one sister who’s skinnier even though she had no experience in sales and my other sister who was like a size 6 or 8 at the time but had experience working at Anne Taylor’s and they didn’t get back to her. Oh also my thinner sister is much fairer because were half white and she can pass for white while my other sister can not. My friend who’s also brown and skinny applied and she had experience but instead they hired a white girl with no experience. I’m not sure if the managers are made to do that or if that was just at the ones I’ve observed

  3. Trish you look HOTT AF in all of these outfits. I understand the point of the video and totally echo your voice – but you are BANGIN’. I’m a size 5/6 and am drooling over your body🤤

  4. Trish you are short and have a fuller figure, but your actual frame is petite. So you actually aren't much bigger than sister. The outfits are really cute on both of you.

  5. I'm a 0_slim fit 4 and brandy Melville bralettes fit a 34b fine, they shld make 8-12 sizes and call it "hot Trisha" sizes bc girls a QUEEN😻💃👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

  6. Trish looks so good in all of these, her shape is killer. Honestly goals. And I think my favorite is actually the Colorado crop top outfit.

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