Clothing and…

The BBC’s very first color sequence. This episode is of word as a result of it includes a younger Benny Hill modelling a few of the fashions together with Jeremy Hawk and …

11 thoughts on “Males, Ladies and Garments: Fashions in Faces and Figures [w/Benny Hill] (1957)

  1. Today we have false every thing, Boobs, Butts, noses. Kim Kardashian 🙃 is a prime example of all 3 of the above, as is Jennifer Lopez. I swear if J Lo's but gets any bigger, she'll have to wear Platform shoes to keep that Nancy off the pavement 🤣🤣

  2. I can't help but feel like Benny Hill is putting forth an enormous effort here to not ham it up or do something funny. LOL It's almost like that serious look on his face can explode at any second!

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