Clothing and…

It is gonna be a loopy week… See you once more quickly 🙂

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Background Music: Kevin MacLeod – Scheming Weasel (slowed model)
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I don’t personal any of the music on this video.


32 thoughts on “Minecraft however I'm VERY mad at low cost Poseidon – Lets Play Ep.16

  1. I used the no shave powder at my dads house when he wasn’t home and when he came home, the house smelled like rotten eggs and I blamed it on my dog farting😂

  2. I know its gonna be a busy ass week but you're gonna get through it ian! the live stream is gonna be awesome and the next vid will also be fucking amazing

  3. The big structure you saw underwater is guardian temple, It has sponges within it that you can dry in a furni and use to get rid of large amounts of water. Very useful for underwater builds or just clearing out water.

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