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00:00 Intro
00:00 She tried to kill my canine and steal my husband!
7:32 My MIL stole my jacket and embarrassed me in entrance of individuals. Was it too far?
9:21 And now I’m the baaaaaaaad man (duh)
11:29 the pandemic and the witch
12:36 Poisonous Mom In Legislation forgets my son’s epipen

23 thoughts on “Mom In Legislation Steals Garments, Husband & Tries To Kill Son & Canine + Extra Relationship Recommendation Tales

  1. The last story: is the husband for real? His mother almost killed his child with her deliberate stupidity and he wants OP to apologize to the bitch? He should be grateful that she only yelled at her. Lots of people would have beaten the absolute shit out of the MIL and never let her see the child again. The husband needs to pull his head out of his mom’s ass and actually think about what happened. I hope OP does keep that crazy mil from being alone with the boy, as she has proven to be unsafe.

  2. I worked with a woman who 's grandchild died when she was in charge of him, this was many years ago and before child proof caps. The child drank toxic substance that wasn't put up. Her son disowned her and she was shunned by her family. She was careless and it cost her deeply

  3. Not gonna lie, I kind of liked how the first story is about an insane MIL from hell and then the next one is all "My MIL threw away my jacket."

  4. Last OP's son almost died because MIL intentionally left the EpiPen at home. Husband's reaction to this shows where his loyalties really lie.
    I'd hate to see how he would've reacted if son died.

    Throw the entire man away, he is worthless and willing to let MIL endanger your child.

  5. Last story: Even FIL isn't defending MIL against OP's anger after what she did, so H needs to seriously reevaluate his life and choices if he's going to insist that OP needs to apologize to the woman who nearly murdered their son because OP hurt her fee-fees.

  6. OP she isn't a narcissist, but she is suffering from something psychiatric. She desperately needs to see a psychiatrist, voluntarily or not. She almost sounds schizophrenic.

  7. Husband & FIL both have been abused by toxic MIL over the years & they need the situation to improve as well as your son. It probably wasn't this bad until recently but guarantee it influences their daily lives, is stressful, & now the latest crushes them. Circle the wagons cowgirl! Family plan & intervention is needed.

  8. I agree, protect your child & get RO or document incident, but also suggest reaching out to great father in law. He's been supportive & deserves to be rewarded for safe guarding your son for YEARS. Hubby has some choices to make & sounds like if he chooses to, this can be an opportunity. His Mom needs help, mental help she will get if reported because of investigation. Your son needs that documented. Imagine 5 years later, adult makes decisions over kids so he is not able to say no or protect himself. Forethought is needed, get advice, make a plan you can live with. Best to you & your family.

  9. I would make her apology,and tell your husband that if the restaurant hadn't call 911 u wouldn't have a son anymore

  10. Gotta say with story 1.hubby cannot keep this toxic woman in his life.op ,you cannot be a people pleaser,and you need to get into therapy to figure out why you HAVE to make everyone like can often be a sign you were abused/neglected .whatever the cause,you need to grow a spine,as does hubby,and cease all contact with mil

  11. Last story: god that husband is an idiot “ApOlOgIzE tO mY mOmMy CaUsE yOu HuRt HeR fEeLiNgS.”
    Bruh, she nearly killed your child by forgetting his epipen. My dudes are you serious!?????

  12. A woman almost killed his son and he is upset with his wife because she was mad about it…

    Husband is worthless.

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