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Went to some yard gross sales right this moment with out Eric! May solely get to a couple as a result of we needed to take our canine to the vet. Nonetheless managed to seek out some good issues that ought to deliver an honest flip!

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30 thoughts on “MONEY UNDER THE CLOTHING PILES! Yard Sale Store With Me! eBay Reselling

  1. You are very good dog parents! I pray that all.goes well! Perky? Is that her name? Cute!

    Larkin has ongoing conjunctivitis because her tear ducts are plugged. They've been blown out, but filled in immediately. So, she's on eye drops daily. But, she is great about them. Onto the couch as soon as I call her, and after I put the drops in one eye, she tilts her head so that I can do the other! Bright little girl. Going to watch now and see how much $$ you can get for the tee shirts!

  2. Hiya Michelle, so sorry to hear about your little Girl Furbaby. I hope this helps you…I had a Shih-Tzu that had terrible eye tumours. He had CHD too. His name was Cuven & he lived a long loving life. If you need any help on what to do please just let me know. I don't have any special powers with Antiques, Vintage pieces etc, however I do have special powers with Animals. Cheers 🍻 Adele 🕷️🐜🦗🦋🕸️🦇🐞🐝🦂🇬🇧 xxxxx 🦄

  3. The restless leg bottle looked like it was a spray and I got this image of Eric sleeping and you spraying down his legs…what a surprise that would be to Eric!!!😂😂😂

  4. The older Tupperware is to sift flour you fill, it then turn it over and pump the handle and all the clumps in the flour or powdered sugar are taken out before you measure to bake😁

  5. That stall is huge.
    I hope your pet gets better x
    I love VHS to still have a collection.
    I saw 3chairs I liked. To put my dollcollection in.
    loved the bearbasket to.
    I liked that white vanaty.
    Thank you for taking us along

  6. I feel for you! We had a Boston Terrier that was having eye issues also. He had a surgery and $4000.00 later he still couldn’t see that well. We also have a 16 year old Pug sweetest girl in this world that has went blind. I know your concerned and don’t want your dog in any pain that’s how ours started too. I’m praying for your little baby! Love your and Eric’s videos you both are so sweet!❤️

  7. Hi from Australia 🇦🇺
    I seen on another channel VHS tapes the
    Black Diamond Disney ones are worth alot of money
    Enjoy watching your videos 😀

  8. Oh boy, our two dogs both had eye issues for a long time that ultimately ended up in getting an eye out each. We had a great ophthalmologist. When they got their eyes out it was insane, they acted like nothing had happened. Came home and were playing with toys and rolling around playing. They were 11 and 12 when their eyes were removed. Dogs are so resilient. Was it maybe an ulcer your dog had? They’re usually on the surface, treated with drops. When dogs get older they find it harder to heal them, sometimes if they don’t heal properly the ulcer needs to be ‘scraped’ to open it again and then you let it heal again, hoping that it heals properly the second time. Sometimes they mostly heal but leave a dent in the cornea, but that’s okay. It just looks a little funny.

  9. We adopted a bichon friesa who started going blind by age 3 , juvenile cataracts , very expensive surgery . Five years later his eyes had to be removed due to secondary glaucoma which caused his eyes to be pushed out from the presdure , eye drops could not control it . He quickly learned how to maneuver blind , just don't move things around .

  10. My first dog as an “adult” was a Pekingese. She got an ulcer on her eye. Well removal wound up being necessary after 2 surgeries to try to save it. I could have taken her to Univ of Florida to their specialists for a prosthetic – but I figured her next boyfriend aka dog friend probably wouldn’t care about the missing one. The vet did a good plastic surgery job and we went on with doggie life!

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