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New summer season 2020 assortment. Procuring helps the movies on this channel since I’ve no different solution to fund them (must pay for the manufacturing of the movies with my very own cash). 😉

50 thoughts on “My lingerie (new assortment and a DISCOUNT)

  1. DISCOUNT CODE is "youtube”! Works on both websites – in the description. (POLSKA & WORLDWIDE). Borderline personality disorder video will come late in September.
    Since the covid thing started, adsense has dropped drastically, so I can't do youtube full time again, basing it on ad revenue only…
    Running my lingerie business pays for the production of the videos. You know how it goes – I've explained it before. Don't hate. :*
    Love you all,
    Kat xx

  2. Very pretty. Love the lace details. It is both delicate and strong. Like the lacing details in some of the pieces, it feels modern but also reminiscent of a feminine corset/bustier type of piece. Love it.

  3. I can't begin to explain to you how long I've been looking for a comfortable, sexy, ethical, well-made, women made lingerie. Years! I'm so excited to order!

  4. I subscribed cause lately I felt depressd of my fathers death for cancer and I found out I have cyst on my breast and need mri next days for the pain on my joints.. Ur Videos inspired me to make a channel to post Videos of my own atleast to get busy during spare times

  5. I would love to wear them, and the model is very beautiful, but it would be nice to see them also on women that don't have a perfect body (aka most women) 🙂

  6. Okay, yes, the woman in the video is really beautiful but the lingerie itself is a m a z i n g ! I can't believe you're doing this with you hands! Very well done!

  7. Zrobiłabym wszystko, żeby zostać twoją modelką. Po prostu poprzymierzać i ponosić przez chwilę te wszystkie cuda.

  8. Could do get models with different/ larger body types to model some of the pieces? I’d really like to get a sense of how it would look on someone that’s more my body type

  9. Very beatiful! Amazing that you made them by hand and I hope your business will go splendidly. Gorgeous model as well 🙂

  10. captivating and beautiful- as always. looking forward to order a piece again (if my purse allows me to.) all my love to you and your art, keep doing you!

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