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Thanks for watching :). I attempted to make my audio louder this time as a result of I do know some folks have been complaining about it. Please let me know if the audio …

27 thoughts on “Over the Backyard Wall's Historic Clothes Inspirations

  1. It's mine and my future husband's (we get married tomorrow!!!) Tradition every 1st of october to watch over the garden wall.

  2. i love your content so much!! your videos are always so well researched and thought out 🙂 would you ever consider doing a video about the costume design in the musical hamilton? i think that would be really interesting

  3. About the british accent thing! It's actually the other way around! The british accent formed in England after the 1700s and its assumed that Shakespeare probably had something similar to a boston accent

  4. An interesting titbit on the British accent: However, what is known as the current British accent did not arise until the mid 1700s. In fact, the English and Americans shared an accent during the initial British migration to the United States. But contrary to what most people believe this accent was very similar to what Americans now speak.

  5. The little boy at 9:54 reminded me of Cedric Errol from the movie “Little Lord Fauntleroy”. He is wearing a similar outfit and hairstyle.

  6. spoiler warning

    after watching this video, I'm even more convinced that The Unknown is an allegory for the afterlife.
    anyway, I really love this show, so thanks for covering it! now time for my annual rewatch lol

  7. you immediately became one of my favorite youtubers with the first video I saw 🥰 I love everything you're doing here, your style and energy are so charming. all your videos are fantastic!

  8. Over the Garden Wall is such a cute series, so glad you made a video on it 🙂

    And also, I've never had an issue with the way your audio sounds in your previous videos, but it sounds fine to me!

  9. I rewatched this last night, so this video came with awesome timing –

    wait, wait wait, Christopher Lloyd did Rasputins voice?? And judge Doom, according to IMDB?? How the heck can I have missed that!

  10. About the British accent, I've read that the American accent is the original British accent but the British aristocracy adopted the current British accent in the 1800s to distance themselves from the US colonies that had risen up against them! Hope this makes sense (also don't know about the accuracy though!!)

  11. I think that the English have the stereotype of liking tea because they drink it a lot more over there-at least that is what was told to me growing up in China. The tea cultures are actually extremely different and it’s really interesting to see how they developed (I think China still produces the most tea hence “all the tea in China” but that may have changed?). Interestingly Turkey actually drinks the most tea and have their own culture around the drink (my favourite tea is actually Turkish Apple Tea!)

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