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11 thoughts on “Prime 10 Simpsons Visitor Voices // 4 Finger Low cost

  1. I realize I'm super late to this party; nonetheless I'm disappointed Jessica Lovejoy isn't on this!!! :*( She's in my top 5 for sure.

  2. I'm surprised Dustin Hoffman isn number one. I can agree with Albert Brooks. I also think Larry Burn's voice actor should' number two.

  3. I saw this video and i was thinking Kelsey Grammer will be on this list then you said no Sideshow Bob and i was NOOOO!

  4. How could you possibly forget Steve Martin? Trash of the Titans is an excellent episode!! I'm also a little shocked you missed out Sara Gilbert!

  5. #2 was a cheat. Not only has Jon Lovitz appeared in many episodes as different characters, but Arnie Ziff has been in many episodes. He shouldn't count on this list.

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