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NEW Purple Useless On-line Replace! This is every part it’s essential to learn about this RDR2 On-line Replace together with Free Objects, Big Reductions, new Legendary Animals, Fossil Collections, Clothes & extra!
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Fossil Spawn Areas:

Legendary Ram Areas:
Gabbro Horn Ram: a black and white specimen seen traversing the dry terrain of Rio Bravo
Grey Chalk Horn Ram: noticed within the heights of the Grizzly Mountains, east of the Calumet Ravine
Rutile Horn Ram: with its darkish pink horns, seen roaming each Rio Bravo and Cholla Springs

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50 thoughts on “Purple Useless On-line: HUGE Reductions & Free Rewards! (New RDR2 Replace)

  1. Another shite pointless update if I wanted to hunt legendary animals I'd be on story, just another waste of an update fuck sake🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. Are they going to put more people in the lobby with me? Getting bored over here. Tried gta just to play with other people and same thing there is going on in red dead, nothing but empty lobbies

  3. The one and only time you should buy collector's maps is when there is a daily challenge to use three of them. Buy the three cheapest, which will set you back about 23-25 dollars in total, use them properly, or simply discard them once activated, and get that 0.5 gold!

  4. The Horse Lantern is a must for all of your horses, yes you need to buy it for each horse but it will help you see much easier during night time travel.

  5. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the Rutile Horn ram doesn’t appear on her mission list despite refreshing multiple times (I have farming my moonshine to pass the time )

  6. Damn. Commercials AND no preview for the outfits? Tough not to go to the competitors. Ill be around though, always solid work sir.

  7. This game makes me so happy to play on ps4. Ive never cared about "console wars" but since its THIS game that we get content 30 days sooner, i feel lucky to have chosen the ps4. Enjoy your Ram Horns!

  8. Best Video in a while dude, love the break down of all the items in the second half of the video, really helpful. See, I'm not always an asshole, lol

  9. The only reason to buy the collector maps is for when it’s a daily challenge it is kind of nice to have then. I have to make a ugly outfit so I can get a free emote 😂

  10. STILL Antique bottles fucked up. When you drink any antique bottle, the one that’s in the top of the list gets taken. Also when you buy a horse, it comes out red core and the saddle has no change. These fuckers will never fix this game. So you all just keep bending over and spreading those butt cheeks

  11. Oh boy….more made up imaginary "legend" animals and correlating clothing itens that Rockstar wants you to pay them for….imagine that? This is a never-ending cycle people! WAKE UP ALREADY AND DEMAND SOME REAL CONTENT ABD REQUIRE ROCKSTAR TO ACTUALLY PUT FORTH SOME EFFORT INTO FIXING ISSUES IN THE GAME AS OPPOSED TO CREATING MORE USELESS CONTENT!

  12. I buy and use the collector's maps because that's the way it's intended to be played. And later you have so much money from the moonshine and trader role, that money stops being an issue. I've played the game that way and I have 37k cash and 500 gold. Have fun with the game guys! You don't need to grind, it makes the game boring.

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