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Storytime r maliciouscompliance the place I’ve to put on work garments within the workplace after hours? Okay, take pleasure in shedding the account He mentioned EXTRA spicy, so I gave him …

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  1. Person: "I have a problem"
    Idiot: "Well that's not good. We need to get rid of that problem. I know! I'll make it illegal to have that problem."
    Person: "But I still have the problem!"
    Idiot: "It's illegal to have that problem! Stop having it!"

  2. I'm a hospital housekeeper who often has to clean out rooms in the ER. Fortunately our "linen bins" are just these metal frames that you fit blue bags into so they can be changed out super quickly when the bags get full but still, I try to stay out of the way of the nursing staff there as much as I can.
    Sidenote: I agree with you whole heartedly Steven with a V (lols), I once had a supervisor whose solutions to issues was to just get rid of the whole thing…she definitely wasn't the smartest :

  3. Sooo, we’re just gonna ignore the fact that the nuclear spicy guys said a bunch a racist crap because they were talking about white people huh? Ok.

  4. Story 5 is something I might do if I was a bit annoyed with the individuals that asked me to do that. I also am awake at least 18hrs day(body only allows 4-6hrs of sleep in less either sick or exhausted)

  5. LOL – the no reading punishment was the worst thing my mom ever did to me. It was hard, as my eyes read everything they see, cereal boxes, billboards… Mom and Dad were the teachers in a two-teacher school, so school was not an issue.

  6. You notice the people that make the rules never have to follow them, and the rules usually doesn't have anything to do with them either?

  7. They should have 2 categories to the taco challenge. 1: the one they have already use. 2: this one the worst loser wall, with the 2 jerks on it and the people that act the same way.

  8. My mom actually grounded me from "non school related reading and writing" because I was difficult to pin down for punishment. I once played my Gameboy because she specifically forbade me from the TV and a handheld game was not TV. Way before the word "screentime" was in use.

  9. Nothing yet. If they come by, I'll decide in a short time. Otherwise, say 30 – can hear myself right now. 100%! ☻♾☻♾☻♾☻♾!!

  10. Story 3 gives me mild PTSD to the time my dad was in an ER and we saw a bag leaking fluids outside his room. Whoever thought that removing the bins was a good idea should have been fired immediately.

  11. I’m going to be that person but I wish that women would wear some type of shirt over their sports bras. But that’s just me.

  12. Hospital linen fcukup??? SERIOUSLY!!! how many thousands of plastic bags is that nucklehead linen manager costing ecology…and don't get me started on the cost…hopefully the hospital is taking out the added costs out of nuckleheads paychecks !!!

  13. 1st bwhahaha, Louis imploded his own petard
    3rd They took OUR linen bags…we took the frames and rigged a sheet as the "bag". Management has zero clues in their ivory towers. The union forced them to return the bins as an occupational health and safety issue.

  14. Grounding isn't productive. It's stupid and does nothing to teach. It's literally just a way of exerting control on kids, and nothing else.

  15. Grounded from reading story: First off, smart of OP to find a way around this. But apparently the step-mother wasn't overly smart. The better solution/punishment would have been to require OP to play outside or be doing some other activity for x hours per day instead of reading, not trying to stop him from reading.

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