Clothing and…

Music video by Ria Mae performing Garments Off. (C) 2014 Ria Mae Media, below unique license to Sony Music Leisure Canada Inc.

34 thoughts on “Ria Mae – Garments Off (Official Video)

  1. I would like to introduce the singer to my people as I like artist;s voice and style and the lyrics are so good too . Well it seems these days we should do our own reaserch to find good music videoes .

  2. I can have an attitude to wAnt plenary clothes I dint and not once have I have try to walk naked if it’s not needed for the reason maybe someone has a pop lunatic quiz which caused the answers to why it hits them hard I’m not walking naked during the day anyway it’s beneficial and dry grub mAkes no judgement it would be there . Who authorized this stupid song . and why are you picking on my body anyway . Spot for the wonen who gave her blood and it’s not needed

  3. Not a bad video Rita…Keep going girl ….your makin really good music…can't wait till you come to my neck of the woods……

  4. …I really want "someone" to take my clothes off and have their way with me after we meet at a club!

    Ohhh… Make me come – HARD!! 💋🤭

  5. Saw her live last night in Chicago, she opened for Dido. Ria Mae rocked the house, she was absolutely incredible live. I'd never heard of her before and now I'm forever hooked. This is a bad ass girl!!

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