Clothing and…

So loopy how I wrote this years in the past and it was positioned on Main Taiwan Artist “Jolin Tsai” now referred to as Medusa….Blessings! Go away feedback!! Requested Lyrics …

28 thoughts on “Rip My Garments By Charlie

  1. Will you please post your new song "Beautiful Thing"?!!!!

  2. I'm a big Jolin Tsai fan and just found out this and I'm amazed! Your voice is so beautiful and powerfull. I would love to see you release this as an official debut song!
    Wish you the best!

  3. Wuh goin on giurl, dis had good energy like Adrenaline Rush. I like it, keep it going. It's a matter of time…Lets Go!

    Lets get some Feedback People, would be most appreciated.

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