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29 thoughts on “Russia Gave Us a Low cost on Alaska

  1. The Philippines was sold by Spain to America in 1899 but despite that we are not an American state nor part of American territory but personally with our current situation and Philippines as the number 1 American loving country I wish we had the same fate as Alaska.

  2. In 1898 The Spanish Empire sold the Philippines to the USA but the Philippines is not an American State nor an American territory.

  3. They didn't sell it just for extra cash. They feared it would annexed in a future war so they decided to sell it for something rather than lose it for nothing.

  4. Russian Empire stretched from Finland and Poland in the West to Alaska to the East. Arctic Ocean in the north to Pamir Mountains in the south just 35 km aways from my hometown in Northern Pakistan.

  5. I went to Denali National Park in 2011 and I fell in love with Alaska the moment I got off the plane. It was such a beautiful landscape and the people were amazing

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