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B….however I’m a single mother!

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Hello Everybody Sandman Right here,

This video is delivered to you by a donation from Neil. He did not ship me a particular subject so I might prefer to cowl one other reddit put up. This one which I’ve additionally linked to down under known as B However I am a Single Mother. The particular person beginning that thread on reddit posted a dialog beweek and lady and her tattoo artist. The artist is charging $220 an hour however he expenses by the piece. She says that is out of her worth vary. The artist offers her just a few locations with totally different costs if she’s enthusiastic about procuring round. She then pulls out the one mother card and asks him to chop her a deal. He says he would not care if she runs an fing orphanage she’s not getting a deal. She tells him off after which the textual content is reduce off however she says that is she’s going to let individuals find out about one thing dangerous he hasn’t performed to attempt to destroy his enterprise and cancel him. I want I knew what that was. However that is not the purpose. The purpose is in a standard society she ought to really feel disgrace for being a single mom. As an alternative she’s utilizing it as a sufferer card to assist her get what she desires with out paying full worth. Single moms be turning disgrace into sympathy. What sort of thot is that this? The type that tries to show disgrace into symphathy. Sympathy spelled with the second letter I. She ought to be placing these tons of of {dollars} away in an edumacation fund for her crotch fruit as an alternative of tattoos designed to draw thugs by protecting the veins on her thighs. Don’t fret youngsters as a result of we’re poor and reside within the province of Ontario, in Canada it signifies that the federal government can pay in your edumacation. Sure people if a household makes beneath fifty Okay a yr right here on this province the youngsters go to the college of their selection free of charge. So momma can afford her thigh tattoos as a result of it is principally males’s taxes paying to ship you to highschool. I am going to talk about this and extra in only a second however let first inform everybody about immediately’s sponsor The MGTOW’s Information To Retiring on 200okay in Southeast Asia: Anyhow, Now again to the video. So are you able to simply think about being a child as of late on the playground after which your mom the tatted up land whale picks you up and he or she seems like she’s received newspapers wrapped round her arms and thighs like they used to promote meat on the butchers again within the 1980s? I might additionally wager this is not the primary time she used the entire single mom card to get what she desires from a person. When he tells her now she’s most likely going to say dangerous issues about his enterprise and have black lives matter present up and burn the place down. What a world we live in. A single mom will attempt to destroy your life in case you do not give her a reduction. She ought to really feel shamed of herself and as an alternative she’s utilizing her scenario like a coupon queen as a result of she quiefed out a cooch critter. Why would not she ask the daddy to assist her out? Oh that is proper as a result of he is most likely bored with being utilized by her. In all honesty I might wager that she’s not even a single mom however is simply saying that as a result of one in every of her girlfriends advised her that it really works. Within the peanut gallery under the put up on reddit one guys repeats her line the place she says β€œI need to get one thing on my leg lined up” and he says that is additional proof of her poor choices. One other guys says she ought to be getting one thing in between her legs lined up as an alternative. Another person pipes in by saying she must name a mason in that case as an alternative of a tattoo artist. One more man says that if a person advised him that was a single father he would give that man a reduction on a account of divorce rape.

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38 thoughts on “Single Mother Needs A Low cost On Tattoos – MGTOW

  1. Oh! You're a single mom.?
    Then why are you here getting ink and not doing something to better the lives of your family.
    Further more she probably offered the tattoo guy sex and he declined.
    So now you have this story.

  2. I'm a tattoo artist and this happens a lot. I'm like "if you cant afford diapers you probably shouldn't be buying tattoos"..

  3. Nah you have it wrong .They just love the Idea of people scribling all over their body each arm/sleave is 2k a back 4k, a chest top 2-4k Half a years rent or a whole years groceries. Where is the victom hood. More like a conn job.

  4. THEY ATTACKED SOFTWARE FOR BEING RACIST turns out facebook algorithms detected racist posts far more often in minorities πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Modern Women: I deserve <blank> because I'm a single mother (i.e. a victim?).
    Also Modern Women: If you don't give me what I deserve, I will destroy your livelihood.

    I wonder why male/female relationships are the way they are right now?

  6. If you think Ontario's laws are crazy, you should see what happens in Nova Scotia. I have known men who have to declare bankruptcy because of child support laws in NS. They literally made more money on welfare than was left after the government stole all their paycheck for child support. Many women left their husbands when these laws went into effect. Many men cannot get jobs until after their kids are over 18 or finish school or the government will take everything. Its a disgusting scenario, and we have SO MANY single mothers and mid 30's divorced fathers down here because of these laws and a lot of teenage pregnancies.

  7. I'm a single mom (Not ME really.) I need a discount on…Tattoos….(Crickets Chirping.) Not a discount on…Food, Rent, Feminine hygiene….But…Tattoos. (I give up.)

  8. Mutalation to look like they're healthy enough to be a good partner
    Like how morgan freeman has moles and people get liverspots

  9. Saw a woman standing in the median the other day with a "homeless help me sign". She was covered in tattoos. Maybe if she spent her money wisely she wouldn't be standing in the median.

  10. So here's a thought… A lot of Asian and Islamic countries are welfare states. Islam essentially created the welfare state. But that welfare state is the one that keeps women out of the workplace so that men don't have to work side by side with them.

  11. Honestly, I look at tattoos on women as a self identifier of a screwed up person. Just says they cannot make good decisions and lack maturity.

  12. I have no idea why some women believe they can get special treatment because they have kids. The general public did not ask you to have those kids, so why should we bend over backwards for you? I have a neighbor who sits at home all day; without fail every night around 11pm or midnight, they sit outside with their screaming kid while she herself talks loudly. Also, when I would take the bus, women with strollers would always rush to the front of the line. The people after her then have to awkwardly squeeze by in the aisle while being careful not to smack her baby in the face with their bags. I have seen them cut ahead of senior citizens with walking aids in lines. If you have a stroller, go last!

    Also, if you're a single mother, why sink money into tattoos when your kids should be your priority? I would laugh in her face if I owned a business. Let her go on social media and complain; she'd be doing me a favor keeping other people like her away.

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